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Update from first appt with Rheumy

I saw my Rheumy on Tuesday, she was very nice and thorough. She is certain I have RA, but checked other tests just to be certain nothing else is going on. She also x-rayed a lot of my joints checking for erosion, and that would determine how aggressive my meds will need to be.

Luckily, my X-rays only show small bilateral heel spurs. Only part of my lab works as returned and it shows elevated RF, Sed rate and Crp. My free T4 level was low and so was my Vitamin D level. I'm really concerned what the low free T4 means, which I do know that has to do with your pituitary gland. Has anyone else had this issue?

Teresa ❤️

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Am no expert although I suppose I should be as I too have an underactive thyroid which is what low t4 usually indicates. I was diagnosed years ago and have been on thyroxine daily ever since. At the time I knew all about it but now I've forgotten the details 😊. It's not been a problem for me over the years, just take my daily tablet and get on with it. RA has been a rather more difficult diagnosis to deal with!

Do a bit of research or have a look at the thyroid site on here ( health unlocked). Sound like your rheumy is being thorough and so hopefully you soon get sorted with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Hi Twinks80, Sounds like your rheumy is very thorough checking everything out :-)

Same as Beaches here :-) under active thyroid, and just taking thyroxine daily, just another pill to pop :-D

Take care xxx


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