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Lega,knees backside hurting

Hi all if you remember I was put on steroids a way back as I couldn't walk or get out of bed easy. Anyway I did go back to the gp as I had to come off the steroids slowly (was on 3 now on one a day) I did get the thumb sorted which was great but I am still in oain in the mornings, my hands are swollen ans very weak the middle finger on both hands doesn't want to open wide it knacks. Anywaay got of the subject,I am having trouble trying to get up of the settee or chairs. My backside bones hurt and I have to rock back and forth to get up. My knees on the top are really hurting especially when I try to get up Head down backside up in the air, is the only way I manage even using wheelchair cushions to make seats higher. Funny thing though

at nightime I can move okay and walk upstairs and also get up easier. I do have an appointment for the end of this month to see a doc at the muscular skelital.. Just wondering if any of you have problems with your knees and am taking more codeine also,

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Hi! I have buttock pain as have OA in the sacral joint.....its soo bad sometimes especially on work days when I have to get up and down a lot.....but need/want to stay in work for as long as possible. Also have OA in hips and knees and the Co-codomol and pregablin do help just make me a little more dozy than usual. I find taking the pressure of my back does help so lying flat for me is bliss.....of course you can't stay like this and walking around even if its in house and walking up and down the stairs is my only exercise but need to do it so I don't stiffen up altogether. Have a lovely day sun shining here already!

Regards Bea


Thanks for replying Beau, it just never seems to stop this ruddy pain.

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Hi there, I know how bad it is to suffer with the steroids and the side effects. Its been two yes for me and now I'm real bad off with infections from bacteria and fungus, as well as bad reaction to Hurmira I'm now having. Getting up and down is a challenge I'm fighting all day. Why one minute I can feel like I can walk and the next I need help is frustrating. My thoughts are with you, here we aren't alone.


Glad you are seeing a musculoskeletal doc. That backside pain sounds a lot like my sacroiliitis (which is part of my ankylosing spondylitis). Also that it is worse in the mornings, but eases off during the day with movement. Make sure you tell the doctor that. The fact that you get a lot of relief from steroids also makes it sound like it could be a type of inflammatory arthritis, so glad you are getting checked out properly.


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