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In pain yet again


Well I posted something last week n got so many lovely replies..since then been to see rhumy nurse who told me to up my methotrexate to 25 mg week n increase my cellebrex to 400 mg a day to try n take this inflammation off my knees. She also gave me a steroid injection.which for one day knees felt a bit better n next day started to improve .but day after in more pain than ever can barely walk .I asked her couldn't I just postpone my metho n go on course of steroids. She said no's hard to come off them. Which I do know as been on them before. But I can't carry on like this I can't function or go to work .supposed to be at best friends wedding next Saturday and going to majorca on the 6th .can anyone help me should I ring my doctor up and ask him to put me on steroids or even the rhumy nurse as I know my knees are both knackered but when I've been like this in the past steroids have worked for me.

Thanks guys

I'll take any advice on offer as I'm at the end end of my rope .👎xxx

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I know you're probably more concerned about day to day things but is there a long term plan for your knees? Because if the problem is more than temporary inflammation, it would perhaps be useful to have a discussion about what could be proposed? There are things like injections into the joints, or steroids or aledronic acid, that do provide better relief that taking oral steroids.

Many of us take steroids alongside methotrexate, so I don't understand why you should be asked to postpone the MTX? But really if you have had quite a lot of steroids then I can see why there is a reluctance to prescribe more. The potential effects of long term use are no fun at all. The other thing is to ask to be referred to a physio to get help with strengthening the muscles around your knees, as this can make a remarkable difference.



Yes I have had a lot of steroids over the years so I guess that's why they won't give me anymore. I just know that when I have been like this before its only oral steroids that have worked but that was before I was on anything else to dampen the RA .I just feel like the methotrexate isn't working. Unless this is just a flair up.

I have always had trouble with my knees n had several injections into my knee which now are not working.

Up to 4 weeks ago I was walking 11.000 steps a day .n I've gone from that to being On a crutch n in pain like I've never known.

I've been on alendronic acid before but that was just to combat the side effects of the steroids or so I was told.

So I'm up the wall with what to do next. I guess I will just have you battle on n wait till end of June when I see my consultant again n get hopefully scans on my knees to see what's going on.

Thanks for your reply

Really appreciate it ☺


Can you talk to your GP about getting and earlier appointment, or referring you straight to an orthopaedic surgeon to look at your knees?

And you need to look into statutory sick pay, as you should be protected by law if you are ill.


Yes I've spoken to him n my rhumy nurse she says my consultant may refere me to orthopaedic.

Sooner the better 😯


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