Soy milk? (Diet)

Hi all I know this post isn't much related to RA but I'm currently trying to avoid dairy products, red meat and chicken at the moment to see how it affects my RA (although my doctor or rheumatologist doesn't believe it will do anything) but I'm unsure what to use in my coffee in the morning (only time I ever drink milk), I've heard that Soy milk can increase the chances of you getting breast cancer and unfortunately I'm severely allergic to tree nuts and can't drink almond milk. Should I really be that worried about drinking Soy milk? are there any other alternatives?

(I'm seeing if my diet will affect things, my knee started swelling up after I had been eating 'badly' and my hips started to ache; something I have never felt before :( It may be due to stress due to exams but I'm curious either way)

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  • Try it without milk at all? Or change over to tea as Earl Grey, Mint team and green tea, or Rooibos, work very well without milk. I gave up drinking milk in tea and coffee when we lived a long way away from shops and I kept running out. So eventually I stopped bothering and got used to it very quickly.

    Otherwise oat milk seems to be one that many people like.

  • I have tried tea but I think I need to find one I like first haha, think it is an acquired taste for some people :P

  • Rice milk is good in tea, or if I'm out I just go without too. X

  • Here's a link to an article about different milks...I'd never heard of hemp milk!

  • Hi Helix, There is a wealth of un-circulated information about hemp products. Seems there is a whole system in our bodies connected with homoeostasis and is driven by cannabiniods. THC we are aware of but there is CBD, CBG, precursors and the terpenoids which have synergistic effects for a raft of conditions.

    There is a big list of papers (most are written by university / hospital research so are quite dense with medical terminology and statistics) which you can find by searching for "granny storm crows list". It's a blog.

    I think the hemp milk is perhaps another fad (says he having rice milk on porridge for years) but if one enjoys it, why not? I understand it's produced from industrial hemp (< 1% THC or so), grown for fibre, so is not going to have the richness of milk produced from a medical crop.

    And no, you wont get high from it. Sorry. ;-)

  • Ooh thankyou, that looks good and I have all the ingredients in the pantry!

  • Gonna try the oat milk, been using soya so far. Thanks M x

  • Only been dairy and meat free and using the soya milk for 3 months so early days. Going to try the oat milk see what i think. M x

  • Would fruit teas be an acceptable substitute?

    I am presently going without potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes in my search to reduce inflammatory triggers. I also take turmeric in capsule form, as some research has shown that may reduce inflammation.

    I did not know chicken could be a problem it is the only meat I eat. I do pay the extra for free range to try to avoid the antibiotics and chemicals it seems most livestock are pumped full of.

    My doctor did not poo poo the diet he just said there is no indication it will change the inflammation but then there is no evidence to say it won't. At the end of the day I feel it is down to the individual to do what they think is reasonable to help their bodies.

    I had acupuncture on my right kneeI think it was about 6 sessions ( my consultant did poo poo that) and it really helped. This was before Christmas and the inflammation and swelling in that knee is just starting to be really painful again.

    Keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

  • Oat milk? Rice milk? Lots of alternatives to cow or soy if you look out for them. Or, as has been suggested, have drinks that don't require milk. I'm not sure though that the risks of Soy are that great, and soy is actually promoted for its health benefits (particularly for older women).

  • Isn't this like if you drink enough of it i.e. hundreds of gallons to make a difference. I don't like milk and am Celiac I promise you I still have RA. And so are sceptical as to diet and RA, but weight is a factor thus a good diet may reduce weight for some people and so the RA is helped. I suggest try them all, and drink any in moderation. a

  • I normally don't consume Soy and I don't eat it for several reasons. I normally buy this almond milk

    rude health also has a good almond but I just prefer the one that I mentioned above

  • thanks for the advice, yeah I know how to make my own almond milk but tbh I use such a small amount it is not really worth while making my own. I mean I could do if I really wanted to but I also think organic almonds are so expensive it actually works out cheaper to buy almond milk but of course if you want the nutritional benefits of almond milk then you should prob make your own. TBH if I do make my own milk I normally blend flax seeds, rice and oats together. Or I make other type of milks that are not readily available.

  • Are you avoiding goat milk too? One of my cow-free friends uses that instead! :) Or oat milk, as others have suggested...

    If you're being careful with your diet, then it's worth knowing that most soya milk is very highly processed - that's probably more of a reason for avoiding it than the cancer risk, which I think is very small.

  • I tried being totally dairy free for over a year, very concientiously, after paying for some intolerance tests. I quickly got used to soya milk. It did absolutely nothing for my sero positive erosive RA. However my sinus's were clearer. I dumped the diet when blood tests found my calcium levels had seriously dropped even though I was otherwise eating a calcium rich diet. I tried other diets too and have come to the conclusion that healthy eating with lots of fruit and veg is best for my body. Do whatever you feel works for you but monitor closely and be careful, don't go to extremes and make yourself ill in other ways.

    A delicious hot drink is lemon honey and ginger tea. Grate some peeled ginger root into a mug, a good squeeze of lemon juice, a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey, poor on boiling water, don't stir to much if you don't want it to sweet. You can top it up for a second cup. I became addicted to this in Nepal where I was advised to avoid dairy foods due to possible bugs. I've continued to make it since returning home. It's scrumptious and very comforting if feeling under the weather.

  • Hello Rwill. Just seen your post. There is a brilliant series of Vlogs on You Tube made by a young woman who is keeping a video diary on her journey changing her diet and lifestyle in order to manage her RA. It is called "Healing Josefine" and if you think it is helpful to you, just click the subscribe button you can follow her story from when she was first diagnosed in December 2014. She is very straight forward and brave and funny at times and is getting good results!

    Best wishes and hope the exam stress is over soon.


  • I use oat milk mainly. I only drink Earl or Lady Grey tea which I think is better without milk. Unsweetened fruit juice and or oat milk on my cereal. xx

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