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Hi to you all, first time here. Just a rundown on my history. Referred to hospital in November. After blood tests etc. Was told symptons of Lupus. Steroids, hydro and naproxen. Returned March and I was told definitely Lupus. Had a fantastic week in Vegas ,saw Rod Stewart. Do not want to see a plane again. Went to see duty Dr. Saturday morning(felt so ill, did not get out of his chair but said I had a chest infection)  I had a bad virus which put me to bed for 2 weeks. The a & e said I did not have an infection, and had a thorough MOT and was A1 except for the aches, pains and FATIGUE.By the way the duty Dr. Said I did not have Lupus but RA on the letter from the hospital. I have to wait until July to see the hospital Dr. I do not know what I have got. But I am 77 in a couple of months so I am very lucky. Many thanks for reading my moaning


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  • Daph hopefully you will get answers in July and will know where you are at

  • Hi, thank you for reply. It makes you feel better when people can relate to your problems. Thanks again


  • Welcome Daph. Well, it's not really helpful when you're not sure what you have is it, you must be feeling quite unsure of just what you have been diagnosed with? The thing is the meds you were started on are used for both Lupus & RD so we can't even sort you through that! How odd that this has happened, I think all you can do is see what your Rheumy makes of it in July, I take it you didn't receive a copy of the letter the Duty Doctor was referring to? It may be helpful if you ask to be copied in on any correspondence sent to your GP, I do & it in part forms a file of my RD history which I can refer to when needed.

    I hope despite the lengthy flight you enjoyed your trip, I'm sure you have many memories to look back on.

  • Hi, many thanks for reply. Because this is all new to me, I am not quite sure what to do. I did enjoy my hols but with that horrible virus, I had never felt so ill in all my life. Anyway I am here to tell the tale. Thanks again.

     Love Daph

  • Is there any chance you have Lyme's disease? I ask because I have many symptoms pointing to Lupus and ra but now I am being treated for chronic Lyme's disease. Trouble is UK doctors know very little about Lyme's disease. I wish you well.

  • Hi, thanks for reply.I will check on what you say, and hopefully will get an answer. The gp does not seem to know either. Thanks again, will keep you informed.


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