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fall at work

I had a fall at work on Tuesday, I was getting  desserts out of the freezer and my foot got stuck and I felt myself falling, I tried to stop myself and grab hold of something but could not and ending up twisting round and slipped and fell on my back in front of everyone! shock to start off and then pain, I have bruised my left leg above my knee and bruised my right leg at the back and top of my leg. both my shoulders hurt but cannot see any bruises. so no matter which way I lay in bed there is pain, I feel like a stream roller has rolled over me. I am still at work. Work are asking if I am ok and do I feel better, but to tell you the truth I just hurt. I did put it in the accident book straight away. 

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I don't know where you live. In Canada, you need to see your doctor within 48-72 hours to start a WCB claim. I'm sure there are benefits in the UK. You need to look after yourself as companies wont.

Take care



Take some time off and put a compress on the bruises. The other advice s good too

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You need to see a doctor and, if in UK, your employer should probably fill in a RIDDOR. I would expect your employer would pay you full pay if you need time off as it's an accident at work so you wouldn't need any legal action unless you've received permanent damage, or if they didn't pay you of course.


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