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Thank You

Can I say a Big Thank You to all those kind fellow RA sufferers who replied to my Questions about Changing over from Methotrexate to Sulfasalazine & possible side effects. With your recommendations I did not take them before going abroad to Malta on Holiday but now back have now been taking them for 1 week. I know it's still early but so far I am ok & without any bad effects & hope it continues this way. Again thank you kind people for your advice. Perhaps I can do the same for you one day.

Whiskers 64.

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How lovely of you, thank you. I wasn't much help, you may remember SSZ is one of two DMARDs I've to decide between, I'm pleased it's so far so good for you & hope it continues.

I hope your holiday was a nice relaxing one?


Glad things seem to be going ok so far Whiskers with your new DMARD and hope you had a lovely time in Malta?



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