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Cimza is working, thank you:-)

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Dear all, firstly, thanks to all your wishes for a positive response, it worked!!

Had consultant appointment yesterday, tender joints down by 10, swollen joints down by 10. I've only had the first 3 loading doses. Weekend went with hubby and daughter who has turned 12 to the harbour festival. I walked further than I have in 3 years.

Phoned my husband after appt yesterday to tell him good news, he put phone down and became very emotional. Hope Sylvi and others will have similiar responses.

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What wonderful pleased for you. It feels as if you have your life back...I spent the first three weeks post first dose of Simponi simply smiling, cheesin' in fact, . Enjoy every single second of it..thank you for sharing, am sitting here smiling for you

Katie x

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Case in reply to Hidden

Dear Katie

Thanks for sharing in my celebration, pleased for u as well. It's so great to be able to start to feel you've got your life back. :-)

I've got so many things to start enjoying again, yippee!!

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Laughing with you .....remember pacing....I struggle with this every day as Scouser will tell you. Have a brilliant day


I intend to enjoy, and thankyou. I agree with your comments about positive posts , which is reason why I shared. I've got so much advice and support from here, if I can pass some on to others then job done :-).

Take care

I have just had my second dose of cimzia thank

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Case in reply to sylvi

Dear Sylvi,

I've followed your blogs and can see u've been through it of late. Really hope things are on the up for u, that u can start to feel better soon. :-)

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sylvi in reply to Case


That's so good. Hope it just keeps getting better and better! Pollyx

Hope you are soon feeling even better! Great news indeed. I am just about to change from Enbrel to Humira in a week or so. Had three months on Enbrel and it started off excellent for 3/4 weeks then nosedived so quickly. Didn't sing it's praises to start with as I had a feeling it might start good then fizzle. Don't ask me how and this isn't pessimistic as I am very much an optimist. (The last nine weeks have been hell. No steroid injections allowed as it would mess with the blood results.) So glad to hear when results happen though and hope my Humira works much much better. I couldn't go back to pre Enbrel as I was bed blund so much, but it is just kind of tickling the RA if that makes sense. I have gone so downhill with fresh joint damage even, that I need more than what Enbrel is doing. Good luck Case, and of course for Sylvi too! Julie xx

Bed blund?? LOL Bed bound (no laugh being that, but bed blund sounds funny!)

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Case in reply to Neonkitty

Dear Neonkitty, I hope so for u as well. I initially tried enbrel, found I was allergic to it. However so far so good:-)

Our fingers are prone to pressing wrong buttons/ letters, still gives us a good laugh!!

Really hope it goes well for u.

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Neonkitty in reply to Case

Replied to you in Sylvi's bit below, sorry. Got confused! Easily done for me! ;-)

Cimzia is my first anti-tnf and when i had the first two injections i was great straight afterwards,so i am looking forward to this pair doing their job.I will let you all know how i go on and thank you all for asking how i am.xxxx

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Neonkitty in reply to sylvi

Enbrel was/is my first biologic. I had a fantastic response with Enbrel starting the next day and then as I said for three to four weeks and then ...nope .... but we are all different to how we react. Enbrel also gives/gave me a variety of site reactions - red fiery hot risen welt each time despite hydrocortisone cream directly after on the area- but not directly on needle hole - but no other allergic responses. Just not a lot of response/reaction for the RA full stop! (Guess the hamsters just got a bit complacent!!) To take it for 8/9 weeks whilst the initial 12 week period was up and feeling/seeing myself going downhill was hard to take. Understatement. Anyhow have to be hopeful for Humira and I am determined to find something that works as I have spent too long with the RA controlling me instead of t'other way round! Did you have bad site reactions, Case, or did it just not suit you at all?

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Case in reply to Neonkitty

First 3 injections no reaction, 4th I had an injection site reaction, like yours with raised hot welts. When I had the next injection a week later I had rash, raised, itchy and hot which lasted 4 days and covered half my leg. Rheumy nurse said to stop immediately, especially as I'm asthmatic. Really hope I don't respond likewise with this one!!

I'm with u on had enough of RA controlling me, instead of me controlling it. This woman is turning!! Oh heck, don't want to sound like mrs T!

All the best, fingers crossed for u. :-)

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Neonkitty in reply to Case

Yes, we have to be in control of the RA! Be determined to find the med that suits us. I never had the site reaction going more than three inches square in size and it never itched, just hurts like someone has whacked me. I have a small one still firery from two days ago, at the mo. As you are asthmatic you needed to come off it, agreed. Thanks for your kind wishes and I shall report back on Humira in due course. ;-)

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Case in reply to Neonkitty

You're very welcome, I look forward to celebrating with u in your good response to humira. Take care:-)

Great news on the success x

So pleased for you that it works !!!!!!!xx


That's such fantastic news, an inspirational blog

Well done and enjoy xx

Thank you to all of you for posting such lovely responses. It has been my pleasure to post a positive blog, and if it has given others hope then job well done.

Take care and keep fighting the Ra ( enemy at the door!). Hope u all can have your share in a success story. :-)

Hi Case, good luck with the Cimzia. It sounds as if it is working well for you. I was initially on Humira and now been on Enbrel for the last 3 years which seems to suit at present. The Humira brought me out in a rash but not everything suits everyone. LavendarLady x

Fantastic news happy for you! I'm having my 2nd Cimzia injection this afternoon (woohoo) and seeing your brilliant news gives me hope.... :)

Hugs to all xxx

Hi Guys,

I have started to take Aloe Gel and my god it works!! I have more energy, less bags and dark circles and seem to have a positive effect on the flare ups, they are much less and on the odd occasion I do get one, they last for a day or 2 if that. I am a total believer of this product as it worked wonders for me! Has anyone else tried it, or would like to try it. You've got nothing to lose, but lot's to gain. Love to everyone xx

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