Briefing on the Care Act

The symptoms and experiences of people with fluctuating conditions vary widely and can be difficult to assess.

NRAS has recently contributed to a key document that provides advice for social workers, assessors and care planners on how to effectively assess and care for people with long-term fluctuating conditions, one of which is RA.

The full document and more information is available on our website:

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  • Thanks !

  • Hope DWP can understand it

  • Very useful. Thank you.


  • RA fluctuating? It seems pretty constant in my case :-(

  • The fluctuation is one of the things that people find so difficult to understand. One day I can walk another day I can't. One day I can do up my bra, another day someone else has to do it for me. So many thanks for the document which makes it clear it isn't just people being daft.

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