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Rough week

Hey guys, so this is annie here. I haven't had the best week this week, as have been feeling hugely run down, this fever that i have had for the past week, just won't go for some odd reason, my ankle has decided to brake again, so unfortunately I will be undergoing my 4th surgery on my foot, but my 7th surgery in total, to hopefully fix my ankle once and for all. So, this week, i have hospital appointments back to back , as per usual, and just when I was enjoying a break from trekking back and forth to the hospitals for a while. i never get used to how often my appointments are, although i guess i should be used to spending so much time in hospitals now, as it has been 6 six years since my dreadful RA diagnosis.

Although, on a happier note, my infliximab infusions seem to be helping, as my admissions to the hospital haven't been so frequent recently, which is a big change for me, also my mobility seems to be lot better as well, which means that I am actually able to go about my daily routine at the moment, which i am very thankful for. I really don't know what would have happened, if it wasn't for this amazing infliximab therapy. Although my appetite seems to suck these days, which unfortunately is one of the side effects of the multiple medications i am having to take currently, and although I was warned this would happen, i didn't think it would be as bad as it has been :(

Sorry guys, I think I am just having a bad RA flare at the moment, so i am just feeling a bit frustrated at the moment, as I have been house bout for quite a few months, as I had to give up my dream job, as i haven't been well for a while now. so thats my rough week in a nutshell.

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Hey Annie,

Sorry to hear you are having it so tough of late... I've no solutions just best wishes to offer

All the best



Hi Ali, thank you for your message. I appreciate the well wishes. It really helps knowing that there are people out there, who can understand. I am so glad that i have found this website, because now i feel like i have some support at least, which is really nice to have. :)

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You're going through it aren't you Annie, but I hope just getting it out there has helped a little. There can't be much left to join up to with having so many surgeries on your ankle, you must have a wiz of an Ortho!

I do hope the longer you're on infliximab the better things will start to be but meantime here's a hug from me (x)


Hi No more heels, yes, unfortunately i seem to be having a bit of a rough time with my arthritis, although that is just one of many factors that i am having to contend with at the moment, but writing about it does help a little bit. I am so glad that i have found this website, where I can get lots of good advice, and I can connect with other people out there who can relate to what I am going through at the moment and where i can also have a bit of a moan from time to time. Hopefully the infliximab will keep helping me, as it seems that i have finally found a treatment path that seems to work for me.

Thank you though for the well wishes and the hug, it is much appreciated. x

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Hi Annie

Moan away, I really hope your fever clears up very soon. Glad to hear your infusions are helping somewhat.

Keep your chin up, easier said than done though - being house bound is never a pleasant experience to go through.

I shall be keeping my achy fingers crossed that you keep making progress.

Very best wishes to you.


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Hi Mandalou, thank you for such a sweet message and your warm wishes. it means so much to me, hopefully the infusions will keep working, which will hopefully allow me to carry on with my daily routine as much as possible. Yeh, being housebound and stuck at home, does suck, but i guess because its been so long now, i'm kinda jut going a little stir crazy. anyway, will let you all know how things progress. bye for now, x


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