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Should I be worried?


I started biologic treatment last week. Past couple of days I have been feeling really stiff and generally not great.

My 3 yr old granddaughter has just been diagnosed with scarlet fever. Not sure if I should be speaking to biologic nurse for advice as I don't want to appear silly but I have been in really close contact with her over the past few days before we realised it was more than just the usual kids illnesses that fly around nursery.

Any advice welcome thanks.

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As Scarlet fever is contagious I think it would be wise to speak to your rheumy team or GP to get some advice. I also think it may be helpful to look at the advice given on this link

Best wishes



Thanks Lorraine. Just don't like pestering people if not needed. As I am now on a Biologic, I was concerned regarding lowered immune system.



Hi hope the little ones ok , when I started my Humira l was told it might not kick in for anything between 4 / 12 weeks so check if yours might have delayed start


Hi DC56.

Granddaughter is doing OK thanks and has antibiotics. I'm waiting on GPS calling back.

I was more concerned in taking my next loading dose if I have caught anything off her. I don't have a rash but certainly feel unwell.

It's so hard to know if it's just part of this illness, the new Meds or in fact something else working on me!

I hate bothering nurses and doctors.

Wish these horrible conditions could be cured but at the end of the day, there are always people worse off so need to keep things in perspective.

Thanks again x


Hi Sanbanan, don't worry about bothering nurses and doctors it is their job to help you. Wishing you well Carol xxx


Hi Sanbanan

Just like you I was very worried when my husband came down with a raging case of scarlet fever as we returned from holiday in January!

At that point I was approximately 9 weeks in to taking the Biologic Enbrel.

You certainly need to give your Biologic a bit more time to take effect , which one is it by the way?

I phoned my Enbrel nurse straight away as I was full of concern as you are when my hubby got his diagnosis of scarlet fever and was put onto a 10 day course of Antibiotics. ( him not me) I left a message.

Do you know what?.........

She didn't even ring me back!

I sailed through his illness, I really hope you do too. It was harder looking after a poorly bloke to be honest!

Regards your own stiffness and achiness, I hope that the Biologic soon gives you relief.

I was doing brilliantly but I've just gone through a flare in my wrists and hands but am persevering!

Best wishes to you and I hope your Grandaughter is feeling much better poor thing?



Mandalou thank you for the info. Much appreciated.

I am on Cimzia and hoping for good things after having no luck with DMARDs.

I have recently had an awful flare which I think may have more to do with how I am feeling than any scarlet fever but I am just so cautious at the moment.

I have two young grandchildren and a new one on the way so I am always going to be in contact with some virus/cold/bugs etc!!

Thanks for taking time out your day to reply. It's nice to know there are others out there in similar situations.

Have a good day. Sandra x

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Don't worry about phoning the nurse I think she would rather you do if your worried it's not easy starting new Meds do what you feel is right for you , you know your body better than anyone else , hope you and the little one pick soon X X Dawn


Thanks Dawn. Have just spoken to GP & nurse. View is to keep an eye on things and we will review things just before my next dose is due this Friday. I'm certainly no worse than I was yesterday so fingers crossed!!

Sandra x


Glad you got it sorted try not to worry now and relax if you can .x Dawn


Good luck with the Cimzia, I really hope that it brings you much relief and works a treat. Let us know how you get on with it in the coming weeks.

Take care


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