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Need help in taking Angio

Hi all,on behalf of my mom i am posting here,

My mom is diagnosed with mild yesterday, doctor advised my mom to have angio,but she have creatine level of 3.8 ,so he advised us to reduce it and have an angio,

I am worried ,that if i dnt take further steps immediately , i dnt know what to say ,she is diabetician also,i need a help or guidance to take care further....

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I am afraid very little information is given. Please do not worry, take the steps given by your doctor.

You doctor is the best person is to have a full discussion, write down all your questions and then write down all the answers.

From what you have given, all I can say is to follow your doctor's instructions. Go for the angiogram and listen to the explanation given. You doctor will explain to you what ever action is necessary. Once you have the results of angio then you can look at reduction of ( creatine level of 3.8)

"so he advised us to reduce it ( creatine level of 3.8) and have an angio" if this is the case, any medication given and a follow up?

What other medication is your mum taking at the moment?


It's not clear what you're asking. Yes, your mum's creatinine level would need to come down before an angiogram is performed, so has she seen her doctor? He should be able to give her something to help, it's important that her kidneys aren't damaged by the contrast used for an angiogram.


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