RA and pregnancy

Wondering if anyone out there is experiencing RA with pregnancy and how they're coping/meds? I was diagnosed last summer (I'm 38) and was on 6 tablets of sulfalasine a day, started to make me feel better but not completely. I then fell pregnant which was planned and decided to come off the sulfasine and for the last 13 weeks have been med free (I am 17 weeks). I had hoped for remission but that's not happened and my mobility is getting worse. I have just been signed off for a month and am working from home but will be back in March and commute for 4.5 hours a day. Not sure how I'll do this, I have been looking at having a cortisone injection to give me a break as also off to New York to see family but wondered what other ladies took to deal with RA? I haven't had this disease for long so trying to mentally and physically cope with it, I've gone from being a gym addict to not being able to get down the stairs or the energy to go for a walk! Anyway any help/advice would be great, thank you in advance

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  • I used acupuncture when I was pregnant, and didn't take any drugs at all....might be worth a try?

  • Thank you for this, my friend suggested this too, I will investigate I would really like to be med free as much as possible. Thank you much appreciated

  • There are 2 different types, 5 element and TCM, traditional Chinese medicine. I find that TCM works much better for me....so worth trying more than one practioner if the first one doesn't seem to help. And always try to go to someone who has been recommended by someone you trust.

  • Lovely thank you, really helpful

  • Hi there. I have had RA since mid 20's and am now 38 too! I have 2 children, a 3 yr old & 5 so totally understand you. My RA is fairly active so there was no option for me to med free. Pre pregnancy I was on Methotrexate 20 mg, sulfalasine 4 tabs (2000mg total) & prednisolone (steroids) 5mg I think. Through joint consultation with my RA Consultant & an Obsetrician before even trying to conceive it was agreed that the risk of staying on Sulfalasine during pregnancy for me was outweighed by my need for medication. The doctors felt comfortable for me to stay on 4 tablets throughout my whole pregnancy. In addition I took 10mg of steroids every day. Whilst both have risks you need to weigh up the fact you need to be well & active against the possible risks to baby. The risks are small yet I appreciate they are still risks. With taking steroids I continued to have baby scans every 4 weeks whereas in the uk these stop at 20 weeks so that was a positive. Do some research on line & chat with your consultants. You still have more than half way to go & you need to look after yourself. Unfortunately you will find it actually is harder when baby arrives. For me I decided that my need to start back on methotrexate (which I had to stop even before tryig to conceive) in order for me to deal with life and baby meant I could not breastfeed past 6weeks. But without my meds I wouldn't function as a mummy so I'd be no good to anyone.

    I wish you luck. Please don't dispare. It is manageable but there is no need to suffer just simply to be med free. You will be doing damage to joints whilst not taking any drugs when realistically you may be happy that the risks are low enough for you not to be in pain. I went through it twice so it can be done x

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