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Pregnancy and RA and ITP

Hello there

I was wandering if anybody had any knowledge or experience with RA and ITP ( a condition that affects platelets) during pregnancy?

I have recently found out I am 8 weeks pregnant and whilst my condition is currently in remission , this has not been for long and I am very worried about having a flare whilst pregnant as it poses many risks for both of us. I've attended various clinic appointments already but sometimes its more helpful to get a less clinical perspective if that makes sense

any comments/advice/tips would be very gratefully received

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Hi I dont know anything about your blood condition, but I wish you well.


Thank you!


Hi,I dont know much on ITP however I feel you on your worries on baby safety vs having to be on meds and how the body is going to cope.Am 16wks on and my first pregnancy and always very worried.I try to take one day at a time and pray each coming day to be better. It has been better than i thought except for severe pelvic pains which started recently.My ob/gyn told me we will do everything humanly possible to take care of everything, however pregnancy is a miracle time and all we can do afterwards is try to relax and let the miracle happen naturally as too much worry might also bring other issues. Am now trying to be positive about the whole process and I hope the same for you.

Best of luck dear,I pray you have good health and feel better soon.


Thank you very much and congratulations to you!


Hey I have RA and am 13 weeks preg with second child my first pregnancy was fine up till I was 6mnths then I got SPD and my RA decided to flare up big time spent a fare bit of time in hospital but this pregnancy all seems fine during pregnancy I have been told by docs that RA NORMALLY sub sides it's very rare for it to flare up as ur hormones normally take over hope this helps u and congrats on baby x


Thank you , I am hoping it will be nice and smooth! Congratulations on your pregnancy


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