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Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had a tooth implant while taking Methotrexate as I feel a bit worried as they have to put bone in there as well as I don't have enough it is going to cost over 2,000 so I want it to succeed am worried about rejection, I tried stopping the methotrexate but arm and hand ceased up and had to go back on it only 10mg at the moment but mouth is covered in ulcers and would love to know if anyone has any advice, :))

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  • Have you spoken to your dentist who is doing the implant? They should have your medical history so will advise you accordingly. So whatever anyone else posts or replies, ignore it (no offence) but everyone is different and the only person who can tell you is your treating dentist. And I am sure anyone else on here who is in the dental profession, which I am, will tell you the same. Good luck with the implant.

  • When I had my dental work done (extractions and denture) my dentist got in touch with my consultant beforehand for advice. I'm on Methotrexate and humira. Discuss it with your dentist. Good luck.

  • Thank you dtech, am worried as private dentist has asked me what antibiotics are ok for me but surely they would know if they had my medical records? am now feeling a bit worried as I am going to my nhs dentist tomorrow which is part of the private one I will ask more questions feel I am being pushed a bit for the private work.

  • Wow, a big decision in many ways. My understanding is that the RA drugs are immune suppressing drugs, similar to anti rejection drugs taken by organ transplant patients. Maybe that is an advantage for you? All the best. Doreen

  • Errr. No it isn't Lucerito. See my first reply to 14penny above.🙄

  • I had a tooth implant whilst on methotrexate a few months ago. The tooth implant specialist was worried about giving me antibiotics whilst I was on MTX and he wanted me to check with GP / RHEUMY which antibiotics I could and could not take (in terms of contra-indications between MTX and various antibiotics). The GP looked it up in the drug book and decided that I shouldn't take penicillin whilst on MTX but that another family of antibiotics would be OK (can't remember their name now). So nothing to do with your specific medical records. More a question of additional weight on your liver I think, on top of the MTX.

    I was on 20mg per week of MTX at the time.

    I had no problems and I didn't need to pay extra for extra bone implant, but as others have said, the extent to which your own gum will respond will vary from one person to the next and its impossible to tell upfront.

  • Ps I paid less than 2000. It was 1395 without the bone implant. I used a specialist tooth implant clinic that has offices across the country . Not sure I can name their website here?

  • Hi cornishrex does their last name sound like tanner?

  • erm no. It starts with the words "Dental Care ..." and they have offices from Cornwall through to Bristol, London and Manchester plus more. You can also see who are the dentists that will do the job at each clinic. The clinic I went to, I due diligenced the dentist and found out that he had his own much more expensive general dental practice elsewhere, but that he did one day a week at these clinics to make sure that was always "doing enough" of these implants regularly to stay polished and confident. He was great. He said that at his own clinic he would have charged more like 2-2,5k (My own local dentist quoted me £3.5k, for one tooth). I didn't like the look of the dentist at the clinic closest to me (no clear UK provenance/reputation), so I travelled to a slightly further away clinic (of the same company) to have the work done by the dentist whose full background I could see by googling him online. No-one is poking around in my mouth unless I can see their full professional background and I'm happy that they actually have a local reputation to lose if they mess up.

  • Thanks Cornishrex, I think I have settled in my mind on a local dentist even though it will be 2000 I feel confident with them doing it as I have done a lot of research online and all the help here has been really great just a bit worried as it seems a big step to take especially if anything goes wrong because of the meds I am on P

  • Good advice cornishrex 😉

  • Hi I was not on methotrexate but salphazelizine, my implant failed and was the only failure my dentist had unfortunately.

    My dentist is very interested in my health as he is a specialist in the field, and felt it was worth trying, I ended up having a Maryland bridge.

    Any medication that effects your immune system will put you at a higher risk of failure but there is no way to guarantee until you have it done, make sure your dentist has a money back guarantee before going ahead.

    All the best


  • I looked at an implant as had a 3rd tooth above a front tooth that moved and it was sore, only solution to take out front tooth to get the one above it out before it damaged the sinuses. This was in 2015 so had RA then as well as on Riveroxaban, which is a blood medication. But I went down the root (forgive the pun) of a fixed bridge. It can't be taken out and my front tooth is fixed to the other by magic it seems. It is undistinguishable from the other teeth. Same colour , same thickness etc but it did not cost as much although still over a £1000.

    My dentist is also private and very good, it took a few impressions and a temporary tooth on a plate while it was made but I have a great smile and a full (apart from this bridge) set of teeth at 63. Lots of fillings though !!lol

  • Hi Medway-lady, Thanks for reply, you are very lucky to be able to have the bridge work done dentist just told me today I can't have that done as adjacent teeth are capped I also have a mouthfull of fillings but will get round all this just will be a lot more expensive really glad you had a good result though P

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