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Hip Replacement


I suffer from RD and Osteoporosis and after suffering many months of really bad lower back, groin and hip pain, the doctor sent me for X-rays. His receptionist has rung me and wants me to go in to see him on Tuesday. He said he thought I might need a hip replacement and would call me back if the X-rays confirmed this. I just want to know If there is anybody who has had this done and what was the outcome, does it stop all this pain. I am 70 years old and terrified at the thought of it. I wasn't sleeping much with the pain of it, now not sleeping even more with the worry. Is it worth all the hassle of it at 70?

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My husband had a hip done last July and he can now walk much further and once the pain from the op had gone there was little pain. I had a knee replacement in November and found the same, I'm just waiting for the second.

Like you I was frightened but I was more afraid of trying to cope with the existing pain.

Its worth checking the surgeon and we both did quite a bit of physio exercise before and after that made a big difference.

I wouldn't hesitate. They check you out very thoroughly before

pip12 in reply to cathie

Thanks Cathie, I have been really worrying about it. If I was younger don't think I would be as worried but the thought of being in this constant pain is really wearing me down. How long was he in the hospital and how long before he could walk again ?? I carnt walk far at all, just round the house. Had to buy a wheelchair to go shopping, but hate relying on my other half to take me.

cathie in reply to pip12

He was in three nights. Could walk straight away. My sister who is mid 60s had hip done recently and was the same. Walking better within a week. You're not allowed to drive for six weeks and have to be careful bending down

Wish you all the best!


Aww thanks Cathie, thought you would be in longer than that. Might just give it ago lol xxx


I'm very glad to read your replies Cathie. Not sure, but think a THR might be on the cards for me. My right hip is getting worse, but I'm still recovering from Osteoporotic fractures in my spine. Fentanyl patches and Ormorph at bedtime have eased the worst of my back pain, but the hip pain is deeply unpleasant. Also got shoulder pain, ankle pain, and wrists and fingers, but I think that's my RA.

Pip, hope all goes well with you. I'm scared too. xx

It's awful isn't it pg1. I went to the hospital in October and was told they think the RD is in remission. I told them about the pain in my groin and lower back and they said they would send me for X-rays and that but could be down to the Osteoporosis. Heard nothing at all so went to see my GP as it is just getting worse, he wasn't too pleased about the hospital and said he would sort it out. I am afraid of hospitals and operations but now the pain is getting so bad and not being able to walk, I realise I am going to have to do something. Pain killers are not touching it anymore, Tramadol, Morphine or Morphine patches. It's comforting to know I am not the only one who's scared, we will just have to comfort one another. I'll let you know how I get on. Xxx

Hi pip

yes it is worth getting your hips done.I had both hips replaced 1 ten years ago 2nd 8 years ago.Went to theatre at 7 oclock and was on my feet very quick same day not walking just standing but walking next day and it helped a lot.A bit younger than you 55 for my first so wish you well and hope you get the result you deserve

Thanks Beecky, that helps a lot. Your comments are very assuring, don't want to go through that if its not going to be beneficial. Still frightened but trying to put a positive outlook on it, thinking of being able to go shopping again without a wheelchair lol. Xx

I have had both of mine replaced and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results.

Delia. X

I had my hip replaced 21 months ago. I was terrified beforehand, but the reality was nothing like I imagined - it was much better. I am younger than you (50) so your recovery may different, but it may help to hear anyway... That awful pain was GONE immediately, and the post-op pain (of course there was some) was less, right from the start. I could walk the same day and climb stairs the next; I stayed 2 nights in hospital; the limp went fairly quickly, and I improved pretty much day by day for 4 months, with just a couple of plateaus and dips in mood along the way. Unfortunately, my feet have got much worse and my mobility is limited because of that, but my hip is GREAT! :) One thing to be aware of is that recovery is better the more active you can be, and depends on you doing the physio exercises you'll be given. I couldn't walk pre-op, so I swam, and that definitely helped me get about and walk again sooner... I would strongly recommend it, if you can. Good luck!

Thankyou D-C and Flow 4, you are certainly giving me more confidence to have it done. Still very apprehensive but what a reward if you can walk again. Thankyou all so much, you certainly have helped me, this forum is such a help. God Bless xxx

flow4 in reply to pip12

Apprehension is normal. I was so terrified the night before my op that I re-wrote my Will and emailed it to my friends and family!

It's important to understand that there ARE risks to this surgery, and that it's not easy. If you are in a bad state now, then recovery to a point where you're better than before just takes days or weeks... But full recovery to the point where you don't need to think about your hip any more takes most people 6-12 months.

The people who recover best seem to be the ones who *work* at it, doing quite a lot of physio/exercise every day. But the gains are potentially amazing. I couldn't walk much, and not at all without extreme pain pre-surgery, and I can't walk now because of the state my feet are in, but immediately post-op before my feet got bad, I built up day-by-day and was able to walk a mile at 4 weeks post-op, and as much as 2.5 miles (with a lot of rests) within 6 months. Since my hip replacement I have also danced (gently!), ridden an exercise bike a lot, (mini-)trampolined, dived into water, done load of aquafit, climbed a bit of the way up Mt Snowden, and kayaked! All things I hadn't been able to do for years before! :D

I had both my hips replaced at the same time - it was some time ago, 1991, when i was 35 - the relief after is fantastic. Then I had both knees replaced at the same time 5 years later! I don't do things by halves!! That relief was even better - its a more painful procedure but so worth it. Then in 2008 I had to have right hip replaced again - bigger op (complete bed rest for 2 weeks then partial weight bearing for quite a while) but again, so worth it. I would go through them all again in a heartbeat!! Go for it and good luck!


Just wondered what information you have been given? The ARUK produce a booklet on hip replacement which may be of interest to you:


I also saw this article about a 77 year old and his experiences of this operation.


Good luck with your op if that is what you decide to do.



Thank you everyone for your reassuring responses, if it does come to that, I shall feel much better about it. I'm 64 by the way.

Thank you for the link Lorraine, I'm off to download it. xx

I would like to thank everybody too, feel a lot happier about it now than I did before. I am almost sure this is what the doctor is going to recommend and I am going to go ahead with it and be very brave lol. 😇.


I had my assessment this morning. All is better than I expected. My hip arthritis isn't very bad, and doesn't need any treatment. Physiotherapist said the pain is worse because of my back. I have three spinal fractures, wish I could remember what position they were in. Higher than I thought, but not too high.

My mum put off having hers for 5 years. After finally having it done 4 years ago she wishes she'd had it when first suggested. Now she's out everyday and pretty much every evening. I'm the RD sufferer and she shops for me. She's 77 and a million percent more able bodied than me at 57. My advice go for it. Good luck!! ..

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