So after seeing the consultant I made a complaint about him saying he couldn't do anymore I got a phone call from his secretary on Friday saying that he wanted to see me it will be a longer appointment apparently so that's on the 22 Feb I will keep u all updated sorry fro my rant the other day in sooo much pain with hip it's unbelievable gentle 🤗Hugs to everyone x

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  • You rant all you like if it has helped you all well and good.xxxx

  • That sounds good. I think I would take someone with me for moral support and to be another pair of ears xxxx it's gone on a long time X

  • Hugs to you Deejojo,

    I am in agony all over today. I could scream. Don't worry about your ranting. I am seeing the consultant on Thursday. I will be ranting as well if I don't get something for this dam pain .

    Take care,

    Jane xx

  • A good rant does us all the world of good hope it goes well x

  • No apology needed. Hope all goes well this time. X

  • I remember many years ago I was annoyed by a registrar who kept telling me all the things that could happen if I didn't follow the rules 'to the letter'. I then asked him what he did on his day off, haunt houses. He then tried to make me have weekly appointments for blood tests, which I hate due to an irrational hatred and fear of needles. I told my consultant who told me if I promised not to up his team I wouldn't have to see that particular registrar again. Didn't cure me but gave me a lot of satisfaction!

  • Good news

  • Thank u Emma have a double appointment to see him again on the 22nd x

  • We all need a good rant now and again and if you can't do it at home here is a good supportive place.

    Patsy 57

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