Well went back to see my consultant at Nuffield today for follow up on steroid injection I had I hip in October I told him it didn't help so he said ooh it's probably the hip joint then I would like u to have a arthrogram that a MRI with dye Injected into your hip 🙀🤒🤔😔I'm not looking forward to that I can tell you got my arthroscopy on my left knee next Thursday feel really fed up and down today in bed now absolutely shattered nite all 🙏🏻

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  • Poor you, I have no idea what arthroscopy is (will google it a minute) but t doesn't sound a lot of fun to have it once never mind on two different body parts, no wonder you are off to bed. good night, sleep tight.😴

  • Arthroscopy is when they use key hole surgery in joint arthrogram is when they do MRI with dye

  • Just looked it up - says it s minimally invasive - then I read that they make a small incision - about the size of a button hole. I'd beg phoning it was a very small if not tiny buttonhole :)

  • Poor you, it would have been easier had the injection worked! Hope the tests show you what is wrong and rest up you sound very tired X hugs

  • I'm just not sleeping fed up is not the word Hun xx

  • Sorry to hear this. It does sound as though you're getting good attention, which is what I'd expect from Nuffield. My experience there was good, once I'd identified my rheumy.

  • morning Deejojo I am sorry you're fed up, and not sleeping well. i've had the dye stuff it wasnt to bad, then they went onto the nuclear stuff, wow i watched as had a 4 lane highway around my ankle, Cool said I, then the doctor said you have shattered your ankle into 4 pieces doh!! my parachute had folded around 80-100 ft above the ground, it gave new meaning to I felt the earth move, it did about 1/4 of an inch after which it was solid lol. oh and I had busted one of my vertebrae which lucky shot outwards away from the spinal column.

    Anyway you're not alone I am rooting for you Girl along with everyone else on this site.

    to help with my sleep I have been having a hot bath with epsom salts at night and it does seem to help me drift off.

    warmest Craig

  • Thanxs Hun. Will have to try Epsom salts

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