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Hello :) hope everyone is as ok as possible. Just wondering if anyone has experienced puffy and bruised coloured eyes (under the eyes, where bags are!) with Ra? As I keep getting this and I'm not sure why. I recently stopped taking meloxicam as my consultant said it can cause water retention which she thought might be causing it, as I had a lot of fluid like swelling in my head (MRI done and all ok) causing dizziness and pressure. Have jaw joint issues sometimes too so not sure if that might affect eyes? Consultant didn't seem to know. Any ideas much appreciated :) x

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I have what your talking about sadly.I have Sjorgens and my optician say that is what is the problem with my eyes. My eyes itch as well and feel so sore as well. I feel for you as you look so ill with them,mine never improve some days they are better than others,but they never go away. Look up Sjorgens and see what you think. Hugs.xxxx


Hello, thanks very much for this, I'll have a look :) I look awful with these funny eyes!! Really hope yours doing ok, thanks again x

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I don't have any sure answers but off the top of my head I'd suggest things that generally seem to get the circulation going & supply oxygen to the cells such as exercise, fresh vegetables, fresh air, adequate sleep in a well-ventilated room, no smoking, no or little alcohol .... the usual recipe for healthy living!

My eyes get puffy if I spend a lot of time sitting around indoors or on long journeys. And the darkening under the eyes seems to come on super-quick if I'm at all under the weather .... when I'm 'very good' and do all the things I mention above I don't need a halo, it shows in my face, especially around the eyes.


Thanks for your experiences and advice :) hope things are good for you at the moment x


I have dark rings under my eyes and have had them even before starting with RA. I have always associated this with wearing specs and generally not sleeping well. Nothing I tried has got rid of them. They are not quite so bad if I get a few decent nights sleep but that's a rare occurrence.



Thanks for sharing your experiences :) x


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