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laryngitis and inflamed eyes


Just wondering if anyone has experienced laryngitis that was attributed to RA.

I lost my voice for a year prior - 3 years before my diagnosis. Looking back, it was probably the RA which was affecting my whole neck region. (spine and jaw as well)

I am also interested to hear if anyone has had weird eye symptoms.

for a couple years I could not wear most lenses, as they reacted with my eyes and turned colors. For example, one kind of lenses turned dark pink - another kind bright blue. (and no, they were not defective!) My optometrist thought it was the naproxen or robaxacet (over the counter muscle relaxant)that I was taking. since then, I have found lenses that dont react, but I wonder if the issue was actually something biological.

My eyes have always been sensitive, and since i have started methotrexate, im not sure if im imagining that they are more sensitive and one is slightly inflamed - or if its really the case. And if it is the case, if it is the RA or the medication.

I do have an apptmt with the opthamologist soon.

All the best!


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Hi Noa, I'm not qualified to say in what ways RA can affect the eyes or neck. When you reach the grand age of 52 doctors tend to put most things down to age or hormones. You read a report of an MRI of your brain and see "small vessel disease appropriate to patient's age" and that's it!

I know RA can affect the eyes in a number of ways: the main way being through the related autoimmune disease, Euivitis, but also through certain medications - specifically Hydroxichloraquine. It can also cause your eyes to become extremely dry - as mine are due to Sicca Syndrome.

As for your neck and laryngitis - I know nothing about this apart from that I've had many dry coughs and bouts of bronchitis which almost invariably lead to laryngitis all through my life. Presently I'm recovering from pneumonia and my cough is still bad - although it's mainly just tickle and throat stuff now. I know it will be ages before I can think about singing again in my choir though :-(

I have reached the stage where I would happily blame everything on RA - from tummy ache to nose bleeds and sores to dizziness. Shortly after I was diagnosed all these symptoms came on board one after another and I used to feel foolish posting yet another question on here In case it looked like I was making it up - how can we know after all? But it was simply because it all came so fast for me, one connective tissue problem after another with post menopausal OA thrown in for good measure. I have never heard that RA can cause laryngitis but if you tell me it can then i will happily set the cup right down at its feet!

Just keep waving and don't let anyone fob you off. Twitchy x


Hi oldatwenty,

to answer the part about laryngitis. RA can affect a joint in the throat called the cricoarytenoid joint and this can affect your voice and cause other symptoms. I have put a link to an article about this below for you:

Hope this helps


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Thanks you for this it explains much of what is happening regards my swallowing, breathing, voices changes, awaiting lung fuction tests, but this article really makes sense to me. I have been telling my gp that my swallowing problems are a mechanical feeling and disagree with being told it is dryness, plus my age. First had Laryngitis in my early 20's with joint swelling. I now know my type of artritis was triggered as a child , waxed and waned but became chronic more severe by my late thirties, diagnosis came in Jan 2015, thanks to a wonderful rheumy. Two swallowing episodes this week which resulted in being unable to breath almost like an asthma attack, but do not think I have asthma as only linked to swallowing. In public while swallowing water, my friends a bit worried.

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Thanks Beverley! I got a cold toward the end of Feb that resulted in laryngitis. I had laryngitis with a cold last fall as well, so I thought it unusual, especially as it wasn't accompanied with a sore throat. It's now been nearly 5 weeks and my voice is not completely back. I'm seeing my GP on Monday, but I guess I should raise this with my rheumy as well! Cheers!


Thanks! that's really interesting!


The more I read about RD the more I come to realise how much my Grandmother was putting up with and never complained and I didnt realise she had RD until recently when speaking to my cousin who used to live with her. My Grandmother (who passed away 10 years ago) often had laryngitis but she never knew it was related to her RD and last year when I was diagnosed with sero neg RD I was asked if anyone in my family had the disease I said there wasnt because I didnt know at the time but the more I learn the more connections to my family I can make. My hands now look just like my Grandmothers used to. I havent had a Rheumy appointment for 6 months but at my next one will it be worth me mentioning family connection? Joolz.x


I would have thought so Joolz - definitely.

I have learned that I have a first cousin with RA whom, as far as I know (she never replied to my emails on the subject) is in denial and refuses the meds. She is a few years younger than me and I haven't seen since my mum's funeral five years ago. I do recall my grandmother was often in a lot of pain - I convalesced after severe whooping cough and I used to hear her moaning when she turned over in bed and swearing like a trooper about her arms and shoulders and hands. I also recall going to a hospital with her and trying to work out how the word RHEUMATOLOGY might work out. She died a few months later in a carcrash with my grandfather so I never found out. My mum had terrible pain in her wrists and feet latterly which she referred to as "a bit of rheumatism". She was a very stoical person though and again it's too late to find out now.

I'm starting to wonder if my rheumy knew more than he was letting on when I saw him with no voice at all last week. And also starting to galvinise myself to be more assertive with my GPs about allowing me to try Azathioprine. They say just winter lurgies - I say I don't think so!

This is a very useful post Noa. x


Wow, I'm glad my post helped shed some light on other people's vocal issues :)


I have been on medication for RA for over 20 years and 4 years ago after keep losing my voice I was referred to ENT, it turned out I had something growing on my voice box caused by LPR (silent reflux). The reflux was a side effect of the medication I was taking. I had laser treatment to get rid of the cells and then voice therapy to help me get my voice back. Four years on due to scar tissue my voice is a little deeper but I have a voice.


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