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Not the consultant

Thanks everyone for your support,enjoyed the hobnobs,they didn't have time to melt,despite the electric blanket set at lava heat setting! I forgot to mention that I didn't actually see my usual rheumy, he was away on a seminar somewhere,you wait months for an appointment,then see someone who knows nothing about your history, apart from what's on the screen, I think she was very unsure what to give me,got follow up in April,after appointment at chest clinic,where I will see a lovely lady consultant, who hopefully will sort this to all.

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That maybe throws a bit of light on why the decision was made to keep you on steroids. I'm on low dose maintenance steroids & my last appointment was with a Registrar who's like me & not convinced it's the right thing but wouldn't sanction tapering them & the possibility of adding another DMARD until he'd consulted with my Rheumy. Quite where I go from here I'm not sure because my appointment (also in April) isn't with my Rheumy but another of her colleagues, actually the one I chose when we returned to the UK. I hope we both have a more positive plan at our next appointments!

Pleased you didn't get in a sticky mess. I've my electric heat pad on my shoulders & neck but with a Clementine you don't get quite so messy... although maybe not with 2 drooling doggies at my feet! x


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