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4th covid jab

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Hi all I have just spoken to my RA nurse and asked if I am entitled to have the 4 th jab and she said did I not get a letter about it. I said no do she is sending me the letter do I can have the jab. So pleased I asked about it. I starting my new biological on 6 weeks. The humeria is totally not working as I am in constant pain and have to take my maximum pain tablets which is not good. Take care everyone.

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Hope your new meds work for you . Thank you for posting about the 4th jab- you've reminded me to book mine 👍

Exactly the same for me .. Found out a few days ago by asking Rheumy nurse .. Waiting for letter to book 4th Jab .. I have had 2 Vaccines and a booster so far so not sure hat I will be given this time !!

I had 4 jabs still got the virus ! x lol

I have Ra On methotrexate and Lefluamide .No letter but I phoned my surgery re 4 th jab they gave me a letter to take to a walk in centre. Told them there I was CEV at the walk in centre , and they put me right at the front of the queue no wait.

No problem at the vaccine centre or after.

Pleased you managed to get the jab, the nurse I spoke to was surprised I never got the letter. So not much communication between the hospital and the doctor's as usual. My doctor's never sent me a letter either. My ra nurse said it's confusing about the 4 th jab of who gets it. So I suppose unless you ask for it you won't get one. Take care

Good to hear others have had their 4th jabs. I did ask, but was refused, despite other underlying conditions, because my Methotrexate dose is 20mgs a week. If it was above this, I would have been given it. Does anyone know if those in my position will now be able to have a 4th jab?

I'm on 17.5mg MTX & had my 4th (booster) vaccination back in December. I am also on long term prednisolone though which may have some bearing. I've had no problems at all with arranging having any of them, my GP Practice call me when they are due & offer appointment times. I feel I've been very fortunate, it's been such an unnecessary problem for many. As long as it's been 91 days since your 3rd primary I don't understand why anyone on MTX, whatever the dose, shouldn't qualify. I hope you resolve it soon.

My 3rd jab was given as a standard booster - does that make a difference? I have never had any communication from the Rheumatology Dept, or my GP, about anything re:Covid vaccinations. I don't understand why there is such a wide variation of what is offered....

I wonder if because your 3rd wasn’t given as a top-up but a booster, if that has any implication? The 3rd primary dose is different from a booster dose. A booster dose is an additional dose to extend the duration of protection from previous doses. Though I really don’t know why it's all so convoluted, or why those who should be able to answer questions are incapable of. Surely GP's & Specialists were given info, or if they weren’t they should have been. That said mine must have because, as I said, they were the one's who contacted me for each vaccine. Actually I had to chase them up for my first one, my h had had his but I hadn't so asked the question, they admitted “the box hadn't been ticked” on my record. Everything's been straightforward since.

I agree. It all seems unnecessarily complicated. I may be wrong, but I think many of us were overlooked in the understandable rush to get everyone protected. Once on the normal route, no-one had time to check if any had fallen through the net. I realise that we have to be proactive, but it is difficult if we can't get the information on which to act, or not! Thank you for your input, and I will continue to ask. At least the Rheumatology Nurse is totally with me, and I shall go back to her if I fail to get answers.

I saw GP on Monday said I could have 4th onw now she gave me a letter. I arrived at vaccination centre with an appointment. I was told I couldn't have it because I am on Antibiotics.

Update on my post of 11 days ago.....I was given my 4th jab on 3rd March! All that was required was the letter to my GP from the RA Nurse. In the end, so simple, and I'm really glad I followed it up. So, to others, keep asking - you'll get there.....eventually!

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