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I will be starting humeria injecting very soon. I'm just waiting for the company to call me with a delivery date. Just wondering if anyone can give me positive / negative comments if they are on this. I need double dosage the first 3 times. I'm looking forward to eventually stopping all the drugs I take throughout the day and not being anaemia anymore. Also I'm taking voluntary redundancy from work due my health. Plan is that humeria will work well for me, have a little rest for a few months, be able to help with my first grandchild who is due in oct. Then think about getting another job. :))

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I was slightly anaemic at diagnosis and that didn't change for about 2 and a half years - it was 'anaemia of chronic disease' as opposed to iron deficiency anaemia. Humira sorted that out really quickly. My swollen joints also went back to normal.

I hope it works for you!


I really hope so, suffered too long trying different DMARDS and stuff. Hope you don't mind me asking but how long have you been on it and does it work continuously without getting flares and do you get any side effects ? :)


I've been on it for just over a year. I was on DMARDs for a couple of years before that.

I had an almighty flare that led to diagnosis but after starting DMARDs I started to feel human again and there haven't been any new dramas so I guess I can say I don't really get flares, not big ones anyway.

Humira seems to be doing a damn good job of protecting my joints. However recently fatigue's been a problem & I've got an outbreak of psoriasis (it's years since I've had psoriasis). It could be that Humira's causing the psoriasis - it's a weird side effect seeing as the drug is used to treat severe psoriasis but it can happen. My rheumy team are onto it now. I've not had any other side effects.

Things can happen with Humira or any other drug. Personally I'd like to have continued taking Mtx alongside it but that wasn't possible. I reckon that's the ideal combination for me in terms of both symptom control and underlying disease control.

I really was ill before diagnosis. I feel I've experienced what the disease can do if it's left untreated. I have some joint damage that doesn't stop me doing things but if it had continued at the same rate it would be a different story I think.

Everyone's disease affects them that bit differently and it's the same with the drugs. But I gather that the biologics are great for tackling the inflammatory disease at a deep level.


Thank you for your reply and I hope you continue with the good results :))


I've been on Humira since last September/October and it's made a big difference. The first few injections caused a dreadful headache and very bad neck pain, which lasted about 5 days but now I tend to get a mild headache and neck pain which start about 24 hours after the injection. I inject just before going to bed and take a couple of paracetamol to try to prevent any headaches. It seems to be working well. The needle is really tiny and doesn't hurt at all but the actual fluid injecting is very painful. Even taking the syringe out of the fridge an hour before still doesn't seem to make a difference to how much it stings. But I think that's a small price to pay when you look at the big picture. I feel so much better and I hope that you will too. Clemmie


Thanks for your reply clemmie. I'm actually looking forward to starting it and having good results like you. :))

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Used it for a couple of years and it did help. Make sure it's warmed up to room temperature when u get it out of the fridge or it hurts!,, mine stopped working after a while but I would recommend and the company are great if you need advice x


Thanks for your reply. I suppose everyone's different but when you say it helped, do you feel like your old self again, how was if for you? Are you on a different biologic, do you think one via better than the other?

Sorry for all the questions but I really hope it gives me some relief. :))


I think I wish they had a magic blood test to say take this pill and it will help, but they don't. It can be a try it and see I'm afraid. But the doctors know the properties of each biologic , some target proteins like tnf so give you an anti tnf, some would use other biologics, and I'm on a B cell modulator now as my B cells are high.

So I think the focus make an educated judgement but then ask you things like would you prefer an infusion where you have to be in hospital a lot, or would you prefer just to inject in the comfort of your home. Also do you prefer weekly treatments( psychologically I felt that doing something weekly would somehow be more effective!? Or monthly etc.

So I think he will have decided Humira for your result reasons and I'll give you a few months. Mine did work quite quickly I think after a month and I felt better for nine month then I stopped working.

However I always have bad days, pain etc and nothing so far has helped that but even some control I feel is good, even remission means different things to different people, nras did a study o this recently if you check the website.

There are no promises but I know loads of people who are back to working, doing family things with no problems including my BFF who you wouldn't know has RA on Humira for four years now , I hope this is you xxxx.


Oops just read my last message again- spelling mistakes due to predictive spell. I must remember to re-read before sending ha ha.

I read the remission posts and most of them were just like how I feel - being able to have a bath would be great but haven't got the strength in my upper body to get out. Wow 4 years for your friend is great, that would be brilliant if it does the same for me and hope it kicks on before October as I'm going to be a nanny for the first time. ATM I couldn't pick a baby up in case I dropped it :(

Thanks again for your reply it's great hearing positive true stories. :)


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