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Painful toe joints


Hi, I am on MXT 20 mg and Folic Acid 5 mg taken the day after since July 2015. Apart from a painful flare when I was given pred tablets which helped, things seem to have settled. I have energy and my hands, knees and hips are pain free, however the joints of my big toes are quite painful when walking. Is this something I'm stuck with or do you think this will improve in time? I've tried wearing different shoes but it doesn't seem to help that much. It's so annoying as it stops me doing things which in other ways I'm quite able to do. Ibuprofen doesn't seem to make much difference either.

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Sounds as if you need a podiatry appointment. They can help a lot. From experience I would steer clear of surgery if at all possible. I had surgery on my right foot/toes, and am currently doing everything I can to avoid the same on my left foot/toes!!! M x

Btw, I think it is difficult for other people to understand how debilitating such pain can't get away from your toes!!! M x

Ask to see a podiarist at your hospital and they will be better placed to help you as they specialise in feet full stop.xxxxxx

Bit late I know but I too get painful toes. I take 25mg methotrexate a week and folic acid every day except day I take the meth. I am always surprised that feet joints are never taken into account by rheumatologists. I am about to start rituximab and the assessment to qualify for this drug takes account of pain in all the usual points in the body but not feet! Feet are quite important in life I think!

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