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Joint pain ankle & big toe

Hello I am new on here, the joint in my big toe has been giving me pain for some time, last year I had a steroid injection which did help but now I get very sharp shooting pain in this toe, and my ankle on the same foot which has been swelling for some time is now painful whilst walking. I am 68 and In 2015 I had a heart attack and had some 2 stents put in and I am on the usual mix of heart medication and therefore I am reluctant to take more meds. However my pain is getting worse is there anything I can do that will help with the swelling and pain? Generally I am a very fit and active gym goer, glass half full kind of a person, eat a low fat diet but do drink alcohol in moderation, Any guidance would be much appreciated happy to consider all avenues. Thank you in advance.

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Hi there, have you been diagnosed with RA and on any meds for it e.g DMARD'S, steroids etc.? If so, then maybe contact your rheumatology team. If not, then I would say it's best to see your GP for their advice, further tests. All the best.


Not been to the docs yet, I do suspect that it is some form of arthritis because of the stiffness around the joints as well as the swelling.

I used to run up until about 10 years which may or may not be a contributing factor, I gave it up due to lower back pain... getting old is a bugger.


The causes and treatments of different types of 'arthritis' are very different to each other. You really need a diagnosis before any suggestions can be offered.

Rheumatoid arthritis, which this site is about, is not a disease of old age nor just joints, but a life long autoimmune disease that effects all body systems and effects people of all ages including children.

Only a rheumatologist can diagnose RA.

The best start might be to see your GP, who might be able to offer some insight into your condition. Good luck and I do hope you do not have RA.


Wish I could help but I’ve have the same problem with my ankle since February. I’ve had rest,physio , insoles, Compression socks and steroid injections nothing has worked I’m about to start a new cocktail of drugs but I’m worried that my limp will be permanent as the damage is already done. 🤞🏻the new drugs help. I have always been an active gym goer but I’ve barely been since February. I make myself walk the dog every morning but 10min walk can take 30mins and I can only manage this once a day ( poor dog )


Hi there, I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I am also 68 and in 2015 I had a joint replacement in my big toe. I wouldn't say that it has been very successful. It has made my big toe move over and my other toes have followed it. The last time I saw the podiatrist he said that the joint had worn out and yet when I was given it, I was told that it would last between ten and fifteen years. It did stop the pain, but I have noticed that it is now coming back again. I rub ibuprofen gel on it when I get up in the morning, but to be honest, I do not know that it helps much.

I hope you get some answers and some relief soon.


We can’t suggest any medication here.

Please see a could have gout or any number of joint problems.

No point in putting up with pain if something simple could help.

Hope you get some relief soon.


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