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I have been having trouble with my food tasting soapy. this has been happening for several mon ths now. It doesn't just happen with food cooked at home but can be food anywhere. Its not just cooked food either. the other day it was coleslaw. I can go for a couple of weeks and everything is fine then it starts again. I was eating a lovely roast dinner at my daughters in the week. Everything was lovely and then I tried some mashed carrot and swede and that was soapy. Its only me that gets this taste I have swopped food with my husband and he says that there is nothing wrong. I had a brain scan ordered by the Doctor when I told her about it. The scan was normal. Does any one else have this problem?

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  • Yes I am too my tea this morning tasted soapy so I made another cup I also have trouble with the milk tasting sour when it's OK it's as if things taste bad it not all the time but most days I am not on strong medication at the moment only pain killers

  • I get a funny taste when I take Arcoxia but it only seems to affect drinks, not food. Most peculiar! Clemmie

  • I am taking quite a lot of medication but I have been taking it for years nothing new.

  • Yes I have spells of this. It started with my RA symptoms five years ago - an awful bitter taste. I was convinced that I was being poisoned by something in my immediate environment until the joint pain started a few days after the bad taste. Now it comes and goes.

    When I was on MTX for two years I had the most awful taste for a lot of the time - like sour milk. So my sense is that this must have something to do with the autonomic nervous system and the connective tissues. Certain drugs make it much worse for me. I too have had extensive neurological tests including a brain scan. Apart from paired oligloclonal bands from a lumbar puncture with serum bloods - nothing came up. I now have pins and needles everywhere, swollen, tight sensation in my gums and lips, up into my nose and left eye. Weird but none the wiser. My instincts say it is the impact of the inflammatory process on my small nerve fibres, but proving and treating this is an uphill battle! Let us know if you ever find out what it is or what triggers it for you.

  • I haven't noticed if it linked with other symptoms I will keep a diary, and let you know what happens. thanks for your reply.

  • I have a similar thing where everything smells burned or I get a weird smell biscuity or I'm not sure what. Coffee smells off! I'm not sure if it is methotrexate which is now at 25mg when I was on 15mg for years, or Cimzia which I have been on for a couple of months. Decided it is medication as opposed to sinus problems or anything else. All good fun!

  • Your GP did the right thing although if it is happening now and again you need to ask for further tests. Sometimes DMARDS can give a metallic taste

    Good Luck


  • Hi BOB its not a metallic taste its a soapy taste. Sometimes when food is cooking it smells as if it will taste soapy. I know I sound a bit loony but bacon is the worse. I have started to wash the cooking pans with bi carb now instead of washing up liquid. the thing is I can taste soap in raw food like coleslaw and some fruit. It is really strange. What sort of tests can they do. My doctor said she would write to the ENT people and ask if they can shed any light on it but no new so far.

    thanks for the reply

  • Hello jntever

    I mentioned the metallic taste as an example of taste being affected by medications.

    One thing you can do is go onto NHS Choices, they have a section on medications, contraindications for each medication. Put the names of drugs you are on through A to Z and your medication will list any problems

    If you are being referred to ENT they will give you a good going over, Lol


  • Hello Again

    The tests they sometime do is introduce various tastes to your taste buds and ask you to explain what you taste. Sometimes the mouth etc can have infections or problems generally.

    Just wait for your appointment, all will be sorted


  • I have problems with food tasting odd,started about 7months ago,it's either to sweet, or salty,nothing really tastes right.Maybe it's the drugs we take,or just the RA having another pop.

  • You've not changed brand of toothpaste in the last few months have you? Or if you drink tap water is it particularly tasty, thinking fluoride as this can cause food & drink to taste soapy.

  • Ok, I've just signed up to this today - because randomly, for the 6th or 7th time over the last year or so, my bacon tastes soapy. My wife's and son's is ok so I know it's not the bacon. Doesn't happen with any other foods. I eat coleslaw etc. got no idea why. I'm fairly fit but not a brilliant diet. Looked up soapy bacon on Google then found this post. Will be interested to see how your experience pans out. Just annoying as I love bacon but only have a bacon sarnie once a fortnight on average.

  • Hi David I find bacon soapy as well, but I also get it with other food randomly. The other day it was carrot and swede. I have had a brain scan, that was clear so now have been refered to ENT have an appointment next month will let you know how I get on.

    Regards Pat

  • I have been to see the ENT specialist and had the camera up the nose. I have something called phantosmia. I was still tasting soapy food and then could smell tobacco smoke when no one in the house smokes. It is quite common and bought on by a virus or some such. Got to live with it. It comes and goes, so nothing to worry about. Thanks for you replies.

  • Hi

    I have been researching this subject for the past six months because I thought I was going mad. It started about a year ago I believe when I first noticed my favourite thing in the world, which is a chocolate milkshake, tasted like washing up liquid. I immediately thought it was the dishwasher tablets and rinsed the glass out with lots of water using no detergents at all. It still tasted soapy. Since then it has progressed quite aggressively, and now spills over to all chocolate and most sweet things, but recently has crossed over to savoury foods. I saw the doctor back in March and she ordered an emergency brain scan thinking it was my central nervous system. The scan came back normal and I am none the wiser. It is a real pain because I absolutely love food and it has made such a difference to the way I enjoy eating. I would give anything to get rid of it and return to having a full enjoyable way of eating.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


  • Well Lib, this is exactly the same as me. Except it was first of roast potatoes, then bacon, pork chops, sausages etc. Even the smell smelt soapy, if that makes any sense. I could't eat lots of my favourite foods for a long while, then it stopped, so there is hope. What happened next was I could smell tobacco smoke, as if someone was blowing cigarette smoke at me. I still have this from time to time, but the soapy taste has gone pretty much. Thank goodness. I also had a brain scan and camera up the nose etc., because there is a tumour that causes this symptom but I am all clear. It is something called phantosmia according to the ENT consultant and just something that they hope will go on its own, which mine did, but sorry to tell you that it lasted a year.

    I hope yours clears up sooner. Its a horrible thing.

  • I'm having that issue right now... According to google it could be fluoride poisoning... Might want to bring it up to your doctor... Keep us posted...

  • It's been over a month already for me ! Everything is a trigger. I thought it was because of smoking and drinking a ton thinking that I poisoned my liver. But can't figure it out. Then my tonsils swelled up. Everything smells burned and tastes soapy! Anyone figured it out yet?

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