Anyone help I'm really worried had some bloods taken they have come back but doctor's receptionists said cholesterol and full blood count was fine but others ( thyroid, hba1c, u&e, lft, and bone profile as not been marked off does this mean there's something wrong or the doctor as just not seen them really worried as suffer panic and anxiety and wondering why some have been seen but not others thank you in advance

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  • If there was something really wrong the GP would have called to book an appointment I would wait and see or make an appointment on Monday. Try to worry .

    Sending you hugs. XXX


  • Just can't help it I'm a real bad worrier just mad me worry more when she said they had not been marked off when some had I thought they would of all come back together so couldn't understand sorry x but thank you

  • I think the GP has to see them before they are released to you, and, as Chris said, if anything was wrong you would have been told. so no need to worry! Have a nice weekend.

  • Try not to worry. Some blood tests take longer than others to analyse & it's likely the results you already have were just the first back. Did your GP or whoever took the bloods not indicate how long you would need to give to call for the results? Mine tells me give it X days & ring for results after 2.30pm if I don't receive a call from them beforehand. If there have been extraordinary results I'm called by a Practice Nurse as soon as they're received at the Surgery to arrange treatment, a repeat test or cessation of appropriate meds. Not marked off just means not yet received.

    I would ask reception on Monday for an estimation of how long the results of the remainder of the bloods taken are likely to be. If anything of concern flags up your Practice should contact you promptly.

  • It just means that your full blood count has come back but others haven't yet. This is because they take longer to be analysed by the lab so the results aren't ready yet. I'm a worrier too but this isn't something to worry about I'm sure.

  • Thank you everyone, all my bloods have come back so the Receptionist said but some have not been marked off but just couldn't help worrying 😊

  • In that case these tests results probably require a bit more consideration by doctor than the full blood count as they are less common tests. Still nothing to worry about! X

  • Don.t worry love. I.ve had similar. Doctor hasn't had time to check it all yet.any problems you would get a call.keep calm.worry doesn't help.

  • Your doctor may have 200 blood tests to check - and ran out of time part way through. He/she will have to start again wading through them all on Monday morning before surgery. It doesn't mean anything that would worry you.

  • Hi Maxine. The only reason they are not marked off is because the results aren't back yet. The delay is because blood is tested for different things by different people and they are not always able to check at same time. Don't worry, as others have said if there is a problem then GP would ask you to go and see him/her. If there is a problem it can be sorted. Best wishes x

  • Remember a receptionist is usually not medically trained & should not interpret bloodctrst to a patient.

    When you see your doctor tell her/him how worried you have been.

    I am sure the doctor will explain to the receptionist & it won't happen again.

    Good luck when you do getbthevfull result.


  • Thank you all so much you have all been amazing, I have been to the doctors today and all my results have come back my hba1c is 7.1 so she is happy how I am controlling it with meds, all others are ok apart from something with my cholesterol so been advised to cut fatty stuff out, also had my anxiety meds raised once again thank you everyone xxx

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