Hello, I have not been diagnosed and haven't seen a dr. I'm worried that I may have arthritis, I am getting pain in the knees and the back of my ankle. My knees make very strange noises, like crunching/grinding noise and are painful. My mum heard it the other day and said that it sounded just like how my grandmothers knees were. She suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis. Doe's this sound like something I may have?

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Ah, good old knee crepitus. It could be arthritis or it could be a number of any other conditions. The best advice I can give is to go to your doctor, explain your symptoms and your worry, and ask for blood and imaging tests

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Thank you, just looked crepitus up and it describes exactly what my knees are doing.


Hi Suszi,

Is there any reason you haven't been to your doctor yet? Without seeing you we can only offer our opinions here. My best advice would be to make an appointment soon, then you'll know for certain if you have anything to worry about!




Welcome to us here Suszi. This could be caused by any number of things but as there is a familial connection to RD it's particularly important to get it checked out & ask your GP to test you. A simple blood test will be all that's needed. I had a peek at your profile page & see you're a member of the HU Thyroid group, again there's a connection, both being autoimmune diseases, so I would think it would be wise to make an appointment asap.

Let us know how it goes won't you?


If you have a family history of inflammatory arthritis, then it is possible. If it concerns you or is limiting you in any way, then definitely discuss it with your GP and make sure you tell them of your family history. If it is, then the earlier you get it diagnosed and treated the better the outcome will be.


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