4 Christmas: open studio

4 Christmas:  open studio

Some will think I'm mad, I expect other friends will call me 'brave', but whatever the response, I am going ahead with my open studio next weekend. I won't have much new work, but I am indebted to my three fellow-exhibitors; they are a terrific support year-round. We decided on this way back in July, when I was optimistic that I would be feeling stronger than I am, although possibly sporting new knees!

I don't think the Rituximab has really kicked in yet, but the worst bit is tapering the Prednisilone. I'm having to get fairly quickly from 10mg to 5mg, so that the consultant can see what I am really like on 19th December. I can cope with the pain; it's the dizziness, fatigue and emotional roller-coaster that is tough .

We usually have about 300 people through the house (Friday evening, all day Sat and Sun), but we have lots of virtual visitors too!

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  • Good luck with this. It looks great.

    I started painting and drawing again recently, after a long period of not doing so. One of the first things I thought after my recent diagnosis was that this illness would stop me. It upset me almost more than anything else. I am enjoying the work so much.

    Seeing your profile has reassured me that it is possible to continue, and even flourish in it, even though many health problems persist. Thank you for that encouragement.

    Hope you have a successful Open Studio,and that you are able to enjoy it !

  • Thank you Hilsam. I felt the same as you . To begin with I couldn't even hold a toothbrush let alone an artist's one. Renoir carried on with RA and not even methotrexate in those days . I have had to adapt and am not doing nearly as much as I would like ( fatigue as much as pain). I have this fantasy that the best work I've ever not done is gestating, waiting for the right moment to come to fruition!

    All the best for your own artwork. Jo

  • Glad that it has become possible for you to work. The meds sound scary, but they obviously make a huge difference.

    Thanks, Jo

  • Renoir did have loads of nubile helpers, and lots of wine!

  • Sssh! :). You are right, of course. Matisse, too.

  • Lovely flyer. I hope it goes well. It seems no time since your one ?last year

  • Just to allay your fears about the speed of time passing, my last open studio was in June!

    J x

  • Thank you. Actually that's the front and back of the printed invitation. It took me ages to do this year as I seemed to have forgotten all the short cuts!


  • I've been doing similar, brain fog I think!

  • Yes, it couldn't possibly be age! x

  • Hi Jora,

    Go for it I say, you have some great paintings, I'm sure it will be a success. Good Luck! Smiler xxx

  • Brave and mad are necessary attributes for any artist worth their salt so hopefully both are true of you. Hope it goes very well. Txx

  • The latter is certainly true. And since I am very fearful, but do it anyway, I suppose I am brave! Thanks for your good wishes. xx

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