Fab Christmas Pressies

Fab Christmas Pressies

Hi all.

Just wanted to let you all know about a great product my brother brought me for Christmas. Its a hug-a-mug, perfect for the times that your hands really cant handle a mug! (i have added a piccy for you all to see) I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and all got spoilt (I am lucky enough to say I did, both my partner, my family and the in-laws). Hope you all had a painfree-ish time and will at New Year as well. **painfree hugs to all**

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  • That looks cool where can you get one from? x

  • I found it on Amazon, but I am sure there must be loads of suppliers xx

  • It is on firebox also. What a great present.

  • That looks like a fabulous idea my hands are giving me gip at the moment so could be useful

  • looks like a good product for me, will search for it thanks Axx

  • Hi Fussie, what a great present, I get the shakes so badly when carrying an ordinary mug, being able to grip it properly maybe will help reduce it. If you get any info on the Hug a Mug, Allanah, would be greatful if you would share it with us, Thank you, Happy New Year ove Ann xx

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