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Foot problems

It has been a long time since I kept up here but I have a problem now and need some advice. Out of the blue, about 2 months ago-my left toes started to tingle and feel like they were ripping. I spent money buying a size larger & a wider shoe, but that didn't solve the problem. I finally called my rhematologist who took x-rays & told me that I have many bone spurs and an extra bone but those aren't the problem.

A week later I got in to my orthpaedist but I got a PA and not the Dr. He totally guessed at a diagnosis and said that I have a pinched nerve in my foot. Told me to buy orthotics, which I did, but they made my foot hurt even more. Last week I called my chiropracter & he has been working on my foot. It does feel better for one day after he works on it but no more than that. Also my chiro says a pinched nerve in only my foot is ridiculous and can't happen.

So, I called for another appt with the orthopaedist and specified that I wanted the Dr and not the PA. That appt isn't until May 3.

Meanwhile my Left foot toes are still tingling and numb and at times feel like they are ripping. Every step hurts! I imagine this is what neuropathy is like but I'm not sure.

Has anyone had anything like this before?


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Yes I have.

I had the tingling painful sensation and then my toe swelled up. I was given steroids and increase in meds.

Still have weird sensation in my toes though, a mixture of pain and a frozen feeling.

If you find out what it is, let me know! 😄

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A pinched nerve in your back can give you just a pain in the foot depending on which bit of the nerve is pinched. Or it could be in your foot itself.

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Hi, I too have painful feet. It feels like someone is rubbing stinging nettles over them and they are very numb and swollen. I told my ra consultant few weeks ago and he didn't even look at them. I don't know really why you have to see them every six months and they just ignore what you tell. I just feel like saying don't bother to send another appointment it's not worth it, just a waste of time. Sorry about the rant I feel much better now.


I suppose she was joking. Maybe it is because foot problems and pain can be caused by a wide variety of conditions and they are not certain that the issue is solely RA with regard to feet.


You might have nerve entrapment (swelling around the nerve). I do not know if they can do a nerve test like they do for carpal tunnel on your foot.

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I´ve just started to get problems with my left foot only. Feels like the "ball" of my foot is on fire sometimes. I keep trying to ignore it cos I suppose it will mean more tablets. It only starts when I´ve been on my feet for a while, can´t just keep sitting down though.


Hi tinwoman and everyone with painful feet,

I have posted before about my painful feet so I won't go over everything again as its still there in my profile box but, after several months of struggling with the pain of walking, both on the soles of my feet and the small toes pushing my bones out so wearing most shoes were to tight on the width.

After the podiatrist couldn't help she refered me to an orthotic surgeon who told me that I have typical rheumatoid feet, basically the cushioning on the soles of my feet were being pushed under my toes so in time that pushed my small toe under the next toe causing the bone from the side of my small toes to start protruding. Losing this cushioning means you are walking on your skeleton no wonder its painful!! It also after a while can affect your tendons in the ankle causing pain and weakness and fallen arches.

While it's possible this has nothing to do with any of your feet, it's worth checking. Also orthotics can supply you with made to measure insoles and if needed bespoke hand made to measure footwear free on the NHS.

Take care Linda x


Unfortunately, I am in the US and we have to pay for everything.


Hi Christine,

I have a very painfull left foot which has never lasted more than a few hours, so far today it has hurt non stop I was out and the only comfort I got as the pain is in my foot/ankle was walking on tip toe with my left foot which took the pain away completely but it looks like it is a very common thing with R A and am waiting to see all the replies on this, I do hope you get some relief from this and I know I am going to go to the hosp foot clinic again.

Good Luck Annie

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Hi Christine! I had a botched surgery on my right foot years ago and it was always painful, but then, gradually, BOTH feet were painful- kind of like walking on glass shards- just miserable. I have to say, orthotics did bring some relief, but I just thought that I would always have painful feet. Then gradually my hands became painful too, but I really thought this was just part of "life". Then the all-over pain hit and after 2 years of just lying down and waiting to die, I ditched my GP, saw a "rheumy", and was put on MTX injections. My body pain "lifted. Then my hands became functional. and then...MY FEET WERE FREE OF PAIN!! Now I just want to dance all the time!!!! I hadn't known that the RA meds would get rid of the pain in my feet- I thought that pain was forever! So, I don't think this happens to everyone, but I just want you to know that THERE IS HOPE!! This horrible disease causes even more pain than we know! I am in no way saying this is what is causing your pain, but just don't give up. Btw..my podiatrist was no help, and my foot surgeon was the one who butchered my right foot originally. Feet are just mysterious things I guess.

All the best,



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