Another week - another ailment!

Hi guys. Finally got to see GP about the odd rash (which has sprung up in a couple more places now) and he confirmed I definitaly have shingles :( At least it explains why I've been feeling even more crap than usual and have the strength of a gnat at the moment. Wondering what mother nature is going to chuck my way next. Hopefully the anti-vitals I've been given will do the trick quickly as got a job interview next Wednesday and at the moment I'd have trouble telling them what my name is, let alone anything impressive.

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Stupid spell check - I'm actually on anti-virals. Will save the anti-vitals for if it all gets too much !!


So sorry to hear that mistymeana, and hope you are feeling better for next Wednesday.

Kath xx


oh gosh, i had that its awful !!!

My anti virals did make it slight less awful but i still did need rest and pain killers. Hope its passed enough for your interview. I think, but not sure, if someone touches the blisters whilst they are wet it could be infectious, but most people are immune if they have had chickenpox or vaccine, not sure as its a weird illness?

I had chickenpox the week of my wedding! but still got shingles?!!!

Anyway hope you feel better soon! xx


Have to correct that one Allanah. Anyone who ever had Chickenpox can develope Shingles. 1 out of 3 people develope shingles sometime in their lifetime. So there really isn't any fool-proof immunity. The Shingles vaccine can lessen the symptoms, or possibly prevent Shingles, but they don't promise definite immunity.


Yes I agree, one doc said this and another said that.


Oh not nice at all sending a hug xxx


Awwe poor you......( I get this regularly...yup can have this more than once!!)......take it easy and rest rest rest .....

Good Luck for Wednesday

Best Wishes


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Good luck

Hope it all clears for you soon



Hello I can relate to the another week another ailment, Hope you feel better soon :) Xx


Oh that's not good hope you feel better soon

Jen xx


Shingles is meant to be very painful - poor you last thing you need - hope interview goes brilliantly despite everything. Good luck! Txx


Gosh, poor you. Thought I had shingles round eye, but turned out to be allergy to makeup, lol! Good luck for Wednesday ! Anne x


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