Feeling Rainbow

I feel much better today, and I cannot thank you all enough for your words of comfort and support. My restful weekend paid off, and I feel so much more focused and rested today. I'm training to become a peer mentor for the local mental health agency, as well as taking a pain self-management course. Yesterday was a holiday here for Thanksgiving, and I think I needed the rest. I'm still quite flared up but I feel much more capable of dealing with it today. Sometimes a rest really is as good as a cure. :) I'm off to class, but many hugs and lots of lovely clear autumn sunshine for everyone who wants 'em. xxx


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  • Good for you Bats! I would send you clear Autumn sunshine, but you've got bigger skies, and cleaner ones than London, so I won't pollute your outlook. Xx

  • B ig hugs darling and I am glad you feel rested. xxxx

  • I am just back home from two weeks in Florida. And it's freezing here😳 And got a cold. Lol. awaiting the after effects which will probably hit tomorrow at work. Glad you are feeling more positive. Best wishes.xx

  • Glad you're feeling more cheery. Sounds as if you have a lot on your plate at the moment, just try and make sure that you have left a little corner for a little 'you' time. We all need that! Have a good day!! M xx

  • So pleased to read that you are feeling better after a bit of relaxation. A belated 'Happy a Thanksgiving' for yesterday. Good luck with your course and training - don't forget to pace yourself though. XXX

  • Hi Bats,

    So glad to hear you are feeling better to handle your pain today. I am sure the autumn sunshine helps you to feel better. I know the sunshine and warmth helped me to feel so much better for the 6 weeks I was over there, even the humidity didn't effect me, my daughter-in-law did say I should stay home on days when it was very high with the humidex in the afternoon.

    I am coming back before Christmas to spend time with my family and to see how I deal with the really cold weather. It was +30 degrees + humidity in the summer, but it could be -30 degrees in the winter so I need to see how that effects my RA too. It is much drier in Canada than in the UK where it is very damp most of the year.

    Anyway, good to hear about the classes you are taking, they must be good for you too.

    Keep looking at the rainbow and keep smiling.

    Take care, Sue

  • Happy to hear your feeling brighter! Happy thanksgiving xx

  • Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm glad you got the rest you needed. Don't be too hard on yourself :) we all have bad days, and very thankful for the good ones.

    Take care


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