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Gabapentin Actavis ???

I stopped taking the AmiTripyline 10mg tablets prescribed by the Doctor; I didn't get along with them.

Doctor has (today) prescribed : Gabapentin Actavis Capsules 300mg. Has anyone taken these capsules? What (if any) are the side effects? and is there a downside to taking this drug? It's been prescribed as a pain management drug for Rheumatic Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis.

Advise appreciated

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I've tried them, starting at 200mg 3 x daily & I got up to 600mg 3 x daily but unfortunately they didn't do anything for my neurological pain but did cause memory problems. That's not to say you won't find them helpful! My GP increased my dose regularly until I reached the 1800mg daily & when it was decided it wasn't helping I tapered the dose over three weeks. My h can't take them, they make him loopy. Oddly I get on with amitriptyline very well, helps me sleep too which is a bonus.

Just my experience but I hope others reply giving more positive ones. :)

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I tried them for Fibromyalgia but they didn't work. Got swooped to Pregabilin which made me put 2 stone on. Now on tramadol Meloxicam and Duloxetine. Keeps me functioning


Hi I had them and they gave me hepatitis needed antibiotic to clear it up but now got to keep a eye on,glover as it keeps raising all the time since need blood tests all the time my hubby takes them and they just make him drowsy if that helps


I'm on them just now for nerve pain. I take 300mg mid afternoon & 600mg at night but am allowed to increase up to 600mg three times a day if I feel I need it.

I find that it tends to wear off quite abruptly - I am very aware of when the last dose has lost effect. At first they made me a bit sleepy feeling, but nothing too bad. I quickly reached a point where I could take them at work.

I have no side effects & find them very effective although, as always, others might be different.


I take it for nerve pain as I have femoral nerve pain. It was back pain and a vice like grip on my thigh. MRI showed multiple disc protrusions one of which was touching the nerve. Also the usual degenerative changes. Gapapentin was increased to ease the pain, leaves me a bit dopey and sleepy. Also some fluid retention. Hope it works for you, if not there are different drugs that might. Good luck x


Didn't help at all with neuro pain but made me sleepy all day long. Switched to Pregabalin/Lyrica and these don't make me as sleepy but not sure they do much for pain either.


I was taken off meloxicam by my ruhmy last month I've been on it for about ten years he said you can't take them all the time. I'm now on Pregablin 300mg so far I've no side effects, will have to wait and see


Thanks everyone for the replies, I'm not even going to try them! I'll just tell the doctor I didn't get along with them.


I took them for a while and told my rheumy I was going to stop because they REALLY affected my memory. It was getting scary, and I wasn't even on a very high dose! But I've known others that took it with no problems.


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