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Morning every one just a bit of a rant today to start the morning off. i phoned my rheumatoid nurse on Thursday last week as I'm flaring in every joint and in quite a lot of pain, well I'm still waiting on a reply and it's getting to the stage I can hardly walk. Well I'm going to phone the help line today I know she's busy as being head nurse in the department but a phone call back would've been nice all I'm wanting is a kenalog injection to tide me over until my appointment next month , not a lot to ask take care every one

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  • Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. I just dial & re-dial until I get through, and on one occasion it took a couple of days. There's a one hour window daily for phoning the rheumy nurse in the hospital I go to. Or does yours only take messages?

  • Usually they get back to me that afternoon or a day later I know their very busy and I've got a appt with consultant in 4 weeks so I've decided I'm going to try to hold out till then so that she can see first hand what I'm going through its the first time I've had real trouble with my feet but I'm determined to beat this disease

  • Hope you get an answer soon, it often feels like they don't understand how urgent it is if we call, we phone because we need help not to annoy them! I know they're busy and I respect that, but some sort of acknowledgement might be nice. Really hope you get a response soon and they can help you. Take care x

  • Huge sympathy about this injection. Once the nurse in my GPs did a steroid injection, but it was after the rheumy had written to say it was an option. Just a suggestion.

    This afternoon one of the GPs came to my house (I'm very stuck until I get my knees) and did flu injection and asthma checkup. She also asked about my mood. So somewhere, sometime things are working.

    I hope you get yours very soon, C

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