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Steroid trial

Hi everyone,

After what seems like an eternity i am starting on a trial of steroids on wednesday for susspected PMR. I remember posting on here and getting lots of useful information from members who had symtoms which i could relate to. Im still not 100 sure i have this condition but will probably know more when iv been on steroids for a short while.

It was my endo who susspected PMR and asked my GP to start me on steroids, a had been presenting with typical PMR symtoms at my doctors but the dots were not joined and i was told i had fibro and M.E.

Another member on here told me of the PMR site which has been a godsend to me.

I am living in hope that i might soon start to feel better but also a little afraid of the medication and its side affects. Like most conditions if it does turn out to be PMR i am at the beginning of the journey.

Thanks for everryones help and will keep ypu updated of my progress.


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PMR is one of those light bulb conditions - no-one thinks of it and then suddenly when it's suggested everything fits!

I do hope that you find going on steroids transformational.


I hope so too...but whatever it is maybe they will take it seriously now and not fob me off with it being fibo.

Thanks Christine


Hi, I was started on steroids for suspected PMR, and all symptoms fitted. The effect was immediate and I was convinced that finally the doctor had worked out what was wrong with me - however, apparently I wasn't as better as I should have been and was referred to rheumatology. It seemed that as the steroids hadn't worked 100% it wasn't PMR but PMR onset of RA. The process of having to jump through all the hoops can seem interminable so I do hope you get a right prognosis soon



IV been told i should feel really well after a couple of days if its PMR.

I tested negative for RA factor so medics are going Down this route.

I know what RA is but not sure about PMR onset of it all the symptoms of PMR but what actually RA.

Thanks Christine


Hi, Sorry for delayed replly - I only bother to update mail every few days. I suggest you read all info regarding PMR and RA on the NHS website, here and on the NRSA website - I'm sure you;ll find more info0 there than I could ever know about. Good luck


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