Burning the midnight oil

Here we go again wide awake flaring again and wide awake,hoping to hear back tomorrow from reumy nurse so I can get a steroid injection or even better an earlier appointment to see the consultant before nov appointment. They didn't sound to enthusiastic on phone , head reumy nurse saying my metx injections should be working by now as I've been on horrid stuff since December,but then again it could be the sulfazalasine because I been on that for 2years now but they sounded pretty concerned on phone we wait in hope

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  • Popsmith, are they going to put you on biologics then? So sorry you are in pain.

    Take care


  • I don't know but I'm going to be firm but polite when I see the consultant next because up now I feel I've been mucked about by the system which I know is not the nursing staffs fault because they have been a god send but

  • I do hope you get some help soon. I think, sometimes, the only way to get things done is to make a nuisance of oneself [in the nicest possible way, of course] I would pester my GP as well as the RD department! It is so wrong to leave you when you are so poorly xx

  • It's not really in my nature to kick up a stink because I'm pretty shy but I think you've got to be firm at consultations but I'm learning fast I've got everything written down what I'm going to say and hopefully I'll get the help I need

  • Good luck with seeing your consultant. Me too wide awake 3am.... it's a nuisance for sure. MTX is horrid, tried injections but they didn't work, so had to stop.

  • Yes, I've been awake since 4am too. Aching back, buttocks and ankles... :(

  • Do hope you get a call and some help. I have not been sleeping well for months waking hourly so frustrating when you have to get up for work. Last night I put in this calpol plug in releases vapours for kids, menthol and I think lavendar. Bought it for poorly dog but that is a differnt story. Anyway last night had the best nights sleep in months. Only woke a couple of times but straight back to sleep. I know I had a deep sleep because I was so stiff and had problems getting out of bed and moving.

    Maybe worth a try it was only 6 pounds.

    Do be frim in your appointment, I had one on monday similar position and had everything written down. The Dr wouldn't read it, threw me and now I am back to where I was back in March. It is your health and well being do try to stand up for yourself. You do not want to be in your position just well so go for it.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for all advice need to go taking granddaughter for nursery and I'm going to go for a swim to help my muscles hopefully get a nap this afternoon as she will be away home she's a godsend staying fairly takes your mind off this disease

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