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Update on rheumatologist appointment

Hi. Thanks to all who commented on my rituximab post. Was at the rheumatologist today. He wants me to reduce to a three day week until next treatment takes effect. While I agree I currently have no balance and spend all time away from work trying to give my kids time and recovering to start over. I don't like the feeling of letting people down. Have not told work yet dreading that conversation. Fingers crossed I get taken in soon.

How do others manage infrequent infusions and work. He want to wait and see again before the next one and said I could expect to flare a couple times a year between infusions. Should I accept this or push for more fixed schedule. I am 41 and he has concerns on long term immunosuppressant use.

I have possible MS which humira exasperated so can't have any anti-ting and mtx and plaqunil not managing things.

Thank you again for all the support.

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Please don't worry about work, they should be the least on your mind. More important are; you, your illness, your family..... need I go on?

Babs x


You need to think of your health first.If cutting down will help you you must do that.I tried to do that and thought only of people at work who I thought I would be letting down.It didn't work as I tried to keep up and had to go on sick then leave in the end.

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