Nodules on fingers

Hello all, does anyone get small pea like nodules on their fingers,they are mainly on the fingertips,and can get very sore,often lasting a week or two.I am very weak at the moment,hands next to useless,and agonising shoulder pain,have to ask people to help with almost everything,feel pretty useless.i am on tocs,monthly infusions,but doesn't seem to make any difference,will ask my reumy in October if it's time for a change.enjoy the sunshine ,and hope you all have a reasonable pain free weekend.xx

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  • I get them on hands and feet the flare up and down not too much pain with them but joint hurt on hands and souls of feet when they are very red

  • I get small infections at the sides of my nails when my hands are swollen, they form small lumps and sometimes become yellow and filled with pus - but mostly just red and swollen. Don't know if you are getting that?

  • I do get small pea sized lumps on the sides of my top finger joints and they are worse when they first form. I believe they are Bouchard's nodes or Herbeden bony shares - can't recall which is which but I'm told these are part of early osteoarthritis because the top finger joints aren't synovial. They arrived at same time as my RA symptoms and I normally have one on the go at any point. They are sore rather than excruciating for me.

  • I get them on the finger pads, right near the first (last?) joint. RIght now there are only two that are bothering me, but I have them in at least 6 fingers. They are worst when you forget about them and get them caught while opening a jar or grabbing something quickly. I don't have any more info than you, though. They started about a year ago when I had added hydroxy to my drug arsenal. I thought it was the hydroxy, but I quit hydroxy back in January and I still have the nodules. Good luck & gentle hugs.

  • I am not diagnosed but suspect I have RA. One of the symptoms I correlate with RA is small lumps on joints of my hand and elbow, smaller than peas, like an under the skin of rash. They are quite itchy as if an irritant under the skin. They come, they go after 3-4 days.

  • Hi Just wondered if you had looked at the article on the NRAS website about rheumatoid nodules? . This is a link to information about Heberden nodes as mentioned in Twitchytoes post

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