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Nodules or blisters?

Hi I have two blister-like things on my hand - they've been there for a few weeks but are getting bigger and more weird. Are these rheumatoid nodules or do they sound different can anyone tell me? One is above a knuckle and the other is really red and is inside the middle joint of a very swollen painful left little finger and it looks very red and a bit infected - both are smooth and hard to the touch but they are both sitting on joints. My hands are both incredibly painful tonight despite full quota of pain meds.

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i saw the doc 2weeks ago for my diabetic appointment,and pointed out a nodule on my middle finger this is not painful at all its on the inside, i was told this was a ganglean ,i do have nodules on my knuckles which are sore.


Thanks Thinkpositive. I just looked up a picture gallery to see and it seems they are nodules. It said that they can occur as a side effect/ reaction to mtx where other DMARDs can lesson them -and that people who come off mtx sometimes find that their nodules disappear? One is on the inside and looks like a big blister - red and shiny and maybe infected as it rubs against the index finger joint. It just gave me a bit of a shock to become aware of these suddenly as I've been ignoring them for a while but suddenly realised it's not just the knuckle is swollen but there's a hard round lump on top too!


Tilda, if it's infected you'll need to see your doc for some antibiotic's, infections (even what appear to be minor infections) can become rapidly much worse on DMARD's.

Go get it checked just to be on safe side.

Beth x


Thanks Beth - I will keep an eye on it today as I've woken with pain and swelling a bit reduced and nodule thing a bit less red as I took full quota of pain neds and NSAIDs last night. I hadn't thought of this re infection. TTx


ive had a gangleon on my right wrist a while ago (my right wrist /hand is the worst effected by RA) and i looked it up on the tinterweb and i said to wack it with a bible!! that would really hurt! after seeing my GP it went down gradually, but 2 weeks ago i noticed a small lump on my wrist where it is very swollen, i asked my GP again and he said it looks like a rhuematoid nodule and i should show it to my rhuematologist but havent been to see them yet. When i do see them ill be sure to share what they have to say about it.



Thanks Steph - mine seem to have settled down into small hard lumps now and I forget about them once I get used to their presence - I think they are OA nodes myself but I read on this site that OA sometimes comes as a symptom of RA. But I have a nobbly bit on my elbow that comes and goes that sounds more like your swelling on your wrist. Sometimes it's like being in a sci fi novel eh?! TTx


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