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Newly Diagnosed and Fed up!! After having a very disappointing First & second appointment at my local hospital ... I have decided to ask my GP to Refer me elsewhere! ... I live near Heathrow airport but would be willing to travel a bit for the right care.... Can Anyone recommend Rheumatolgy Consultant and Hospital where the care that is deserved is given and appointment times are less than 6 months between visits ... Or if you know of a website that gives me this info....Any help greatly received

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  • Hi sorry to hear your not happy with your local hospital hope you find somewhere better soon,,my hospital is nuffield Orthopedic center Oxford i cannot fault them the rhumeys are amazing and take the time to talk through everything the last time i went i had to have a chest xray i was so scared she came down with me to the reception and rang me with the results 15 mins after i had it done as i get paranoid waiting,,i have my appointment every 4 mts and a helpline with my rhumey nurse they are just amazing,x

  • Is Bath too far to travel? Can't remember the exact name of the hospital but it specialises in rheumatic disorders.

    Don't know about getting appointments less than 6 months apart though. I've been waiting 18 months since my last.

  • I changed from Exeter hospital to Guys in London and have found them excellent.

  • I know how you must be feeling . It's the big gaps between appointments that I find so difficult. I had to come off methotrexate seven or eight weeks ago, and have to wait for an appointment for another drug to be sorted at the end of October . It seems such a long time when every day is uncomfortable. I think maybe the rheumatology services are underfunded and short of staff and maybe they are sharing out care the best they can. Does everyone have this experience I wonder? I hope you find some good care soon.

  • UPDATE******* After complaining out of the blue I have just had a call from Rhuemy Nurse and offered another appointment on 28th September.... Just shows what can been done.. but shame it takes a complaint to sort! x

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