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Swollen ankles

Hi all. I have not posted here in a long while. I was diagnosed with ra 9 months ago and have been on leflunomide and hyrochloxcloroquine. It's kinda slightly under control. But I have had a bakers cyst on my knee which grew n grew until my rhuemy dr sucked the juice out of my knee and gave me a cortisone injection. Helped for a while but know I have a swollen achilles heel. Which gives me grief after resting. As my knee is better I have got back to my exercise regime just not so heavy. I used to do spin running and kettlebells. I know do swimming pilates and yoga. I read an article that mentioned too much exercise plays up the heel. But it's not too much exercise I don't think. But any advice would be great if anybody else has had the same type of symptoms. I also have bunions on both of my feet and pains in the balls of my feet. Would love to chat to a podiatrist about my feet. Just don't know how to get in contact with one. Either through my rhuemy nurse or general gp or private. That's it. Got it all off my chest. Makes me feel better. Just look forward to hearing any replies about foot management. Thanks to one and all. Xx

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You want a podiatrist who specialises in RA feet, so ask your rheumy for a referral. It may not be toouch exercise but I've found that if I'm not careful.things size up more easily than they used to. Especially if I forget my calf stretches.


Thanks. I appreciate the help. Xx


I sympathise with you Treza. My feet have also been my weak point from diagnosis so do please ask your Rheumy if he/she will examine them & refer you to Podietry. My problems were due to disease activity left to go too far as my feet weren't included in examinations for a couple of years, your Rheumy should be made aware as your meds may need tweaking to prevent the risk of any further damage. You seem to have many of the issues I had though I have seed corns on the balls of my feet as I've lost the fatty tissue & other issues so if your Rheumy can secure a Podiatry appointment before things get much worse that would be a real benefit for your future foot health.

Try not to put too much pressure on your feet when exercising & ask your Rheumy for specific ones so you don't cause further issues. My Rheumy nurse gave me some good calf stretching ones which I've only recently been able to do properly since my feet & ankles have responded to my latest MTX increase & it's made a big difference.

Our feet have to last us a long time & whilst they do get a bashing from daily life RD can also cause real problems too so I hope your Rheumy listens & helps you.

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Thanks. Glad to hear it's not just me. Any advice is appreciated. I will ring my nurse and leave a message.


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