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Lol nope not ghost busters ....just wondering if the sharp electric pain shooting threw my third toe stopping me in my tracks and gasping with pain is some strange RA sympton that will pass or if I should go get an xray cant walk far and driving I haven't tried but guessing not possible .if its tendon will leave a message for rheumy nurse but not sure if its more of a bone pain I have had it now for three days and each time lasting longer periods of time today hasnt stopped being painful at all taken paracetamol so far .any clues would be appreciated :-)

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  • Hello

    That was one of my first sympton. The pain was unbearable!!! I am now left with spreading claw toes on both feet. Google "daylight sign" I think it is best to go to your doctor to see if it can be prevented. It's too late for me.

    Take care


  • Thank you im googling now :-)

  • Like Sue shooting pains were one of my first signs something was going on though it was through all my foot, then I got the inflammation. If they're like mine they're horribly painful & over the space of about a fortnight the whole of each foot was really painful to the point that my h had to go & get the car when shopping on a market as I couldn't walk any further. Tears were streaming down my face with the pain & being tended to by little old Spanish ladies concerned for me, this was the turning point & when I went to my GP who suspected RD & referred me to the diagnostic clinic.

    I'd contact your Rheumy nurse, don't wait for it to get worse. I have metatarsalgia, see if this seems familiar nhs.uk/conditions/metatarsa...

  • Thank that is familiar.I too am worried about being out and the pain taking as at the moment its very random when the shooting pain takes over from the more regular burning sensation thank you I have left a message with the rheumy nurse as my gut feeling is my toes are on the move :-/ xx

  • Oh good, I hope she's helpful. I'm under a Podiatrist as my Rheumy hadn't checked my feet for 2 years, not for want of asking! Particular attention was paid in Spain because it was where I had the first sign of RD & they were always ok as meds were adjusted when needed. Now it's damage limitation & I have 2 hammer toes, all but my big toes are clawed & splayed, I've lost the fatty pads on the ball of each foot & my arches have virtually collapsed, please don't let yours go unchecked. If your Rheumy says as mine did & insists that they're not included in the DAS 28 ask to be referred to Podietry, I wish I had sooner. :(

  • Hummmm you have prompted me to recall the same conversation I had explained the burning feeling persisted long befire the shooting pain started and my rheumy did in deed say its not included in the das score im going to call my gp and change tac as it could be another referral I need else where not seeing rheumy again until 1st October thank you for advise xx

  • Sorry I should have explained more fully. My Rheumy referred me as her Registrar who I was down to see was overrunning so she saw me. I hadn't much else to report apart from my feet so she said she'd examine them. To say she was sorry for not listening to me previously is an understatement, that's when she referred me to Podietry. I'm not sure but your GP may prefer your Rheumy to refer you, but of course as you're not down to see him/her for another month do ask your GP.

    Good luck whoever you ask. x

  • Sounds like Mortons Neuroma. Look it up. I had it for a while. It's a nasty git but will settle and go. Good luck to you xxx

  • Metatalsargia? Wish mine would settle & bloomin well go!

  • I have had some progress the rheumy nurse has been in touch and will be asking my consultant what needs to hapoen next poss xrays first

  • Lol just dpotted your bio name no more heels I was moaning the loss of my office heels mainly hi gloss and purchased from next no more for me either :-) xx

  • I'm pleased your Rheumy nurse has said she'll ask your Rheumy. I hope things progress now & of course no damage or erosion is found if you are sent for x-ray.

    Yes, no more heels for me I'm afraid though my Podiatrist does prefer me to wear wedges so that's something! I've not to go barefoot or wear flats, as if either were possible, as my balance is shot. I've worn Fly Flots since before diagnosis when my feet were so painful but unfortunately need to accommodate orthotics so none of them are suitable. Actually I was pleased I could go shoe shopping again but it's proved to be really difficult finding enclosed shoes which are supportive enough without being grannyish. Ho hum!

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