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Pinky pain

I've always had issues with my hands falling asleep while I sleep but over the holidays and this past week I've been suffering with my thumb, fore finger, and middle finger, along with that area on my hand, falling asleep so badly that it was burning. Woke me out of dead sleep. It only got better when I got up and swung my complete arm around in big circles.

Just today, my pinky in my right hand is starting to hurt really badly. The large pinky knuckle and the knuckle associated with that finger on my hand just burns. it burns so badly that it hurts shooting pain down through my wrist. I've not been diagnosed with carpel but my sister, who is nurse practitioner, has assured me that all of my symptoms add up to carpel issues.

Has anyone had issues like these? Oh, the pain gets worse if I have been doing any heavy lifting.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I can't just keep taking Aleeve for the pain. Is there any type of homeopathic things that I can do or braces I can use?

Thanks so much


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Do you wear a wrist support at night? This is sometimes recommended for carpal tunnel.


I've tried last night in hopes that it helps. My fingers didn't fall asleep so I'm hoping it will help with the pinky pain since that's a new pain.


A few years ago, I had carpal tunnel so badly in both hands that my doctor said if I didn't have surgery on them I'd lose use of them. I did my research, and found that the surgery is only about 50% successful...not great odds. But I had to do something. I was an Executive Administrative Assistant, which means loads of typing. Which was becoming impossible. I was told that magnets could help this problem. So I got two wrist splints and put round magnets (the company I bought them from is called Nikken) on either side of each wrist (top and bottom), put on the splints and slept with them every night. It took about 3 months, but it totally cleared up and I haven't had the problem since.

I know how bothersome this problem can be and can keep you up during the night. I hope you find that the wrist splints help you!

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I got some night spins from my OT. They are plastic with velcro tabs. I do find them really helpful when my wrist/thumb/fingers play up, although I can only cope with one at a time!

They're very different from ordinary day splints, they keep the hand , wrist and lower arm immobilised.

Might be worth asking about them, they certainly help me. M xx


All but the little finger being sore smacks of carpal tunnel syndrome. I drew my pins & needles to the attention of my Consultant & she examined me from my shoulder down to the tips of my fingers & deduced it was CTS, which at that time I'd never heard of. At that appointment I didn't have shoulder or elbow problems but she referred me to Neurology anyway saying the upper arm problems will follow, I assume her examination told her more than I recognised at the time. Nerve conduction tests were carried out on both arms, the right also showing signs but the left one more advanced & so an appointment with the Surgeon was made. In the few weeks leading up to the pre op checks bam, it hit me. Terrible pain, only relieved somewhat by dangling my arm over the side of the arm of the chair. Nighttime was hellish & I had no relief from the splint, in fact it made matters worse. I suppose we're all different though & for many it helps.

I had a very successful op, January 2012, about 6 weeks recovery time & no problems since.

I don't hold much score by homeopathy, save for arnica gel for my frequent bruises, so can't help there, sorry, but I can thoroughly recommend CT release. It's only a small op, local injections but done in the operating theatre.

I hope my experience helps you Jeanne. I'm afraid if you have inflammation it will remain in the background even if it appears to calm back down periodically. Bring it to the attention at your next Rheumy visit if it's imminent, if not let your Rheumy nurse know. Good luck.


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