It hurts badly

It has started 3 days ago. Whenever I would wake up I would get different pains. I have fever and my nose is running badly. Pain: my right ankle hurts in the joint including the toes and my left one as well, severely. My wrist is paining in the same way, in veins, rather it's in my right pinky/little finger and my left pinky/little finger and ring finger. Joint is hurting as well. Need information ASAP. Thank you in advance.

Edit: I forgot to say that if I move it hurts like hell and if I don't I'm okay.

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  • Hello, you have just joined a very caring support group. I know you are scared right now, we all where, but please understand everything will be OK when your meds get sorted. I am assuming you have just been diagnosed with RA and have started on some meds. It does take awhile for the meds to "kick in" so I would suggest you ask your doctor for a steriod shot to help you now.

    It's hard to see the light at the end of the rainbow, but it is there. Your symptoms just started and the sooner you are diagnosed, the better & faster the drugs will send you into remission.

    Take care and please know that I am as well as many others are here to help you.

    Sue xx

  • Dont be alarmed, the folk on this group are incredibly supportive, and have a wealth of knowledge too. Once the meds are sorted you will find relief. In the meantime is good to talk. Share your experience and you'll feel less alone xx

  • Is it possible that you have got flu on top of your RA? It may be worth going to see your GP to check it's not flu. As Suzannedale says the RA meds can take a while to start working. Your GP may be able to give you a steroid injection to help until they start to work.

  • I am guessing you are a recent victim of this evil disease, im afraid the symptoms you describe are very familiar to most of us. I hope you have seen a doctor already?, if not you really need to. Im guessing you may be in what is soon to be known as Trumpland because "pinky" isnt used that much in UK (well apart from ireland) , without knowing what local system you have to work with it is difficult to know how best to advise you, but we have great posters both sides of the pond so a little more information may hrlp us to help you more.


  • It's used all the time in Scotland - it's all I've ever known it as? My wee pinky ; pinky promise etc.....

  • Ah yes, apologies, i should have added above the border as well but you lot have a language all of your own that confuses the hell out of me anyway. I do try but by the time i get up there and climb over that wall so fiercley guarded by Nicola Stugeon and her hand bag im shattered!

  • Haha- our Nicky is fierce!

  • Thanks everyone for the help. I will go see a doctor in a couple of hours. It's serious now and it is an unusual pain so I was panicking a bit. (FYI: I'm only 17 years old)

  • Poor woman - go to gp and get something sorted . It's a long enough journey without suffering unnecessarily .

    Best of luck with things.


  • Sorry to hear, but as other say get to your GP, if it's swelling and pink, then that is not normal and having a temp also means an infection of some sort, so antibiotics may be needed, although GPS are being told to reduce the amount of antibiotics to be prescribed, and only when essential. So eg for a cold it's a virus and therefore an antibiotic doesn't work. Yes pain and fever are not nice combinations so when you can get an appointment, explain to receptionist the problem and they can suggest best GP to see. I know lots of people who feel that their conditions shouldn't have to be explained to receptionists as they feel it is between self and GP, but I have worked in GP surgery and some GPs have more training and learning in different medical areas. I'm so sad that my asthma GP has retired. He was so knowledgeable. Good luck and let us know how hou are getting on Pam

  • Oh bless you Jeremy, at only 17 years old you're the same age as my son. Please see the doctor as soon as you can and get thoroughly checked out.

    Hopefully that will reassure you and work out how to deal with this.

    Please let us know how you get on, wishing you all the best.

    Ally x

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