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Sacroiliac pains

I have got pains in my left buttock up to the hip at the back of my body. Hurts to sit and when I stand I am crippled till I can gradually stand up straight. I know it is Sacroiliac pains. As many will know on here I can't have any drugs cos of proven allergies.

I do have RA, OA and osteoporosis around 4. something on the Dexa scan. Oh yes, I used my walker to go to Morrison's last Friday and of course should not have walked. it was a lovely day I felt I wanted to. Now punished. BUT was this the cause? Think so.

Anyone any help to alleviate the pains?

Anyone had these pains and what did you do?

Any exercises I can do?

Ideas welcome.

I live in Lincolnshire UK

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Sounds quite miserable, so sympathy. I presume you are taking the calcium supplements etc for the ostroporosis?

With your osteoporosis I think you need expert advice on the exercises you can do. I've found that there are some very simple stretches that really help my sciatica ( when I do them regularly!) but I wouldn't like to recommend them to someone with osteoporosis as they might not be suitable for you. Can you ask to be referred to a physio?


I do teach Tai chi, because I can't have many foods I also take supplements like calcium, magnesium and boron, multi vit, plus vit D3 and omega 3 etc. I do belong to the Osteoporosis Society because of the allergies no one including my GP knows what to do with me. I am 73.


I also have severe osteoporosis, and OA up/down my spine, neck, and hips. When my sciatica acts up I have some floor exercises/stretches that are very gentle on the back, but helps tremendously. If you Google sciatica exercises, I'm sure you can find some that are appropriate for you. I also see my chiropractor every 6 weeks to keep everything running smoothly. Gentle hugs that you feel better very soon!


Thank you and do love your doggy friend. I do feel a little better from having the aromatherapy yesterday. I had thought of an osteopath but not a chiropractor. Will look into this. many thanks


Hiya Beauty. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much with pain. Concentrating on your osteoporosis, have you not been prescribed a bisphosphonate to take? I am borderline & have biyearly DEXA scans, in fact awaiting the results of my latest done last Tuesday & confirmation if I go onto infusions.

Also, do you think that maybe your pain relief could do with revising? I take a regular NSAID, have worked up to 20mcg/hr BuTrans patches & 30/500mg co-codamol for breakthrough pain, increasing doses just now & why my GP has referred me to the Osteoporosis/Bone Clinic at my local hospital. She considers they need to take some responsibility for my medication & further exercises specifically designed for osteoporosis. She has ruled out Chiropractic.... I expected that but the devil inside me thought I'd ask! My Rheumy nurse gave me some gentle exercices to help ease my problematic knees but we both feel the more I can do when I feel able the better.

I hope you can get help, it's no party is it?


I cannot have any salicylates so NAISDs are out. Lactose on all Bis medication for osteo so can't have that., it goes on. One GP once told me and he was laughing at the time. "Please give me six weeks notice of when you want to be ill". The massage with oils does help is horrid. I could scream for a painkiller sometimes. As I don't see a consultant I can't see a rheumy nurse apparently. Interesting to read your story. Have not heard from you for ages and wondered how you were.


I could say the same of you! How are you otherwise? Coping I hope. We're messing about with meds just now, RD ones, trying 20mg MTX now with another DMARD possibly added in the coming months. Generally ok but ankles & feet refuse to respond. OA in neck & lower back being a pain, literally!

Have bis infusions never been offered as an option for you? Being a score of around 4 it may be an option to protect you against fractures possibly? Maybe something to ask about on the NOS forum, they'll be up to speed with options taking your intolerances/allergies into account.

Take good care. x


Yes thanks for that. Neck is awful in me also. I have the cervical spinning on the thoracic. Well that sounds dramatic but it is moving round. Noticed many years ago. It now sticks out horribly. Though I wear blouses etc with a high neck at the back and collars and so it is hidden. Hate the modern trend of dresses etc as they are all so low. Everyone is afraid of allergies in me. Who could have two tens machines after getting toe nails off [year 2000] and then need an extra two days in hospital cos of allergy to the latex holding it to me. OK they knew of the allergy but otherwise I had no painkillers. Skin bubbled up under it.


Oooh, at least you now know to add latex to your list of allergies. My h is allergic to most plasters & medical tape, in fact it landed him up in hospital. The smoking cessation team prescribed patches & about 6 hours later he had an allergic reaction to the first patch he put on. He's allergic to pseudoephedrine & we were unaware that it was in the adhesive, we assume to ease any sensitivity... not mentioned anywhere in the blurb otherwise he'd never have used them. The team in the acute ward reported it to a doctor who told us she'd report it to the manufacturers & recommend that it was listed as a warning. Don't know if it as ever acted upon but he can't be the only one allergic to it. :(


I was found allergic way back with milk teeth out at Guys when the dentist placed a rubber thingy in my mouth. To keep it open etc. but there was no other way to keep me free of pain whilst the drugs worked to kill off the cells and stop the nail growing again. Life gets complicated if they do nto list drugs though.

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It must have been difficult all through your life, I'm so sorry. Should count my lucky stars I only have the one (that I know of) which happened quite suddenly in my early 40's. Easy to avoid, thankfully. ;)


It was hard. More so when the docs would not accept I was ill. It took 50 years to be diagnosed as coeliac. Even then I was taken off the prescription last year and made to prove it all over again. I have got the stuff back again now. You know what though...I passed to go to a grammar and got chucked to a secondary b band. No room in the a band. Point is I also failed to get into the Technical school cos of sheer numbers. I missed so much education and thought of myself as uneducated. My friend I found four years ago is qualified in the subjects I never learnt. I am now studying chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, maths as maths and not arithmetic, and my English is vastly improved. had so many who could not read that those of us who could were lost to the back of the class. I read Dickens before I was three. That is my achievement. My head in books. I prayed and prayed for almost 65 years and my prayers got answered.


Well, you certainly wouldn't know you had a poor education, your spelling is perfect! Well done you for persevering & for continuing to further educate yourself. Another fellow Dickens lover to boot!


I do sympathise .After lumbar fusion / vertebrae decpression 2014 underlying S1 joint problems emerged with vengeance.

Underwent deep needle pain / anaesthetic which gave temporary relief (magic!).

I have been on steroids for 59 years for an adrenal condition (a whole new ball game).

Osteoporosis tolerated the bionic frame & screws .will have a bone scan in Dec/Jan

Was on calcium prescription drugsfor over 10 years now stopped as long teRM use gave bad reports - anyone any additional info on this?

Consultant reluctant to give me a deep sleep heavy anaesthetic as I am now showing signs of non responsive recovery after gall bladder removal 2013 and spine op 2014 ended up in ICU!

You can have 3 S1 injections in a year .(still enjoyed my deep sleep on a mild quick anaesthetic!)

I look forward to next S1 relief from injection.

Gentle hugs to all


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