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Any tips on managing fatigue? I am taking methotrexate and just started injecting simponi ( had 2) and a few days ago started with pain starting at my shoulder blade across to my neck. Most of the pain is muscle pain but I have such bad fatigue like I get when I'm having a flare but my joint isn't warm or red or appear swollen. It's really thrown me out it can't figure out if I'm flaring or not. Go has given me tramadol for the pain but the fatigue is totally wiping me out, need to lay down all day sleeping on n off and feel nauseous

10 Replies
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hi Michelle11,

I have put a link below to our publication on fatigue for you to look at. I hope it helps you:



Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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Michelle11 in reply to Beverley-NRAS

Thank you that's really helpful

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Thanks Beverley for this link. In the last week or so I'm finding the level of steroids I'm on are not working and fatigue is setting in. I'm even feeling un safe when driving so I'm going to fone my Rheumy nurse on Monday and have a wee chat. The leaflet was very informative, thanks again. Jean.

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Do you think the tramadol could be the cause of nausea and tiredness? You must be needing rest though, hope you feel better soon 😁 x

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In the 4 years since diagnosed the fatigue has been my biggest problem as well. The only advice I have been given is 'pace yourself'! The problem is I work full time, nothing else gets done usually and when I do have a 'good' day I need to clean my house etc! I've never had any realistic advice on how to deal with it. I hope your symptoms ease soon and would love to hear any advice you receive regarding the fatigue. Good luck.

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I have dealt with fatigue on and off for seven years now. I know I can't prevent it from happening. It will come from time to time. Usually during a flare. Luckily I am retired, so my way of dealing with it:"So, you're back then, well I will just accept you and pace myself until you've gone away. I'll just look at it as a holiday from my normal life. I ask for help when I can't do something, shorten my exercise periods, maybe have some comfort food. I am stronger than you and I know you'll go again!"

I don't know if that's a strategy you can use, but it works for me. All the very best. Fatigue can't beat us!


Tramadol is best taken with paracetamol which helps combat headaches, it will make you tired it's a strong painkiller also if you have inflamed neck/shoulder blade you may well feel more tired as your immune system is fired up.

Hope it passes soon x x

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I asked the chemist about that as I was sure I had done that previously but he said to take it on its own in replace of cocodomol which I was taking

It's up to you but if you're u have headaches I would try the paracetamol. Both me and my sister live in different countries and both advised by our rheumys to take para with Tramadol.

I have suffered with fatigue for as long as I can remember. At first it wad just the hoovering that exhausted me then when I walked to and from the shops I would flop on to the sofa before I could even take off my coat. I had no idea why I felt like this. Then a few years later when I had children (adopted) I was rushing up a big hill to school one morning when I suddenly came to a standstill and nearly collapsed on to the floor. My legs just wouldn't move. They felt like lead and I had suddenly developed foot drop. It was really scarey at the time. It took me about an hour instead of 10 mins to get home again. I've never been the same since. I find it hard to get dressed or do anything now. After every operation I've had I am a lot worse and it takes months to recover. My tip that had helped me enormously is drinking beetroot juice before I go to bed. This has helped me such a lot. It might not suit everyone but it helps me everyday. I can dress myself now, slowly, but that's better than my husband having to do it for me. Everything is still a struggle but I manage it a lot better now than before.

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