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Tocilizumab and liver

Hi. Have finally found a drug that has managed to control my RA. I'm off the steroids and feeling good. Been on tocilizumab, infusions for 4 months,started in March, now self injecting. But my liver appears to be objecting. For the past 2 months I've seen the AST rise. I'm concerned that I'll have this drug stopped when it was the last option left for me

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Hi kerpag

Is this the first time you have had liver problems from a drug? I am due to have my second liver biopsy Monday due to high LFT's. Last year the cause was my drugs and I had to come off MTX then Leuflounamide! I have been on Cimzia since last July and now having same problems hence second biopsy scheduled and had MRI last week! I feel Cimzia has really helped me as did MTX , so annoyed with my liver! Is tocilizumab your last option because none of the others have worked or because of liver problems like me?


It's last option as tried others with no benefits. Livers been fine until now. Also noticed my hair is falling out. It's such a shame that we've found something to help RA but causing ither issues


I suppose this illness is like that everything is trial and error until we get the right combination,then what happens our organs reject it,if only life was simple


Yes I agree, it's great when the drugs work but it's a shame if it has to be at the expense of another part of the body !


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