Eventful week

After a busy and draining week, I'm sat here in the lovely sunshine.

Wednesday was a long, exhausting and emotional day starting out with my routine blood checks to then go straight to work (I've been off now for 7 months) to receive my written warning about my prolonged absence. This lasted 2 hours.

Went home emotionally drained for a quick cuppa before an appointment with my GP to renew my fit note and stock up with Tramadol and Naproxen.

GP checks my bloods which were back to inform me that my white blood cells are raised again, probably due to inflammation. No shit Sherlock. I don't need blood tests to tell you that!

Went for a trip into Nottingham yesterday to hopefully find a lovely dress cheap in the sales (well, I am on half pay now) for a wedding that I am going to next month.

Could not find anything! This was probably due to the fact that I was cream crackered, in pain and couldn't really be bothered.

Walked in Karen Milan to spot a beautiful dress which wasn't in the sale. Hence to say my Husband who dutifully took me into town and carried all the shopping nearly had an heart attack on the spot! Well, I can't be doing with both of us ill so told him to get a grip!

Hence to say, I paid for the dress and attempted to make my way back to the car. Felt like I'd run a chuffing marathon, I was so exhausted and pained but not from paying out all that money!

Have woken up today at 10am having slept 12 hours and by God, I know that I have overdone it slightly! (Understatement)

Well worth it though. I got to spend quality time with my lovely hubby, bought a lovely dress the price of a small mortgage and had a rather long lie in this morning.

I will not give in to PsA and will try my best to lead a life where I do still have a quality of life even if it finishes me off for a few days in the process!

Happy Sunday to you all xxx

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Good for you, I bet the dress is beautiful, and you deserve it.

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I can sympathise with much of this. Very good news that you bought the dress. I know we overdo it sometimes and suffer for it...but heavens, every so often I just want to do things I used to do which makes me think briefly that everything is as it used to be. I bet you are going to feel beautiful in that dress. And that is SO important with these wretched illnesses. Enjoy your well-deserved rest. Enjoy the wedding. Happy times to you too. x

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Thank you Tawney. Still feel like I've been hit by a bus but definately worth it :-)


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