itchy skin driving me crazy, can't sleep

My skin becomes very itchy when I get warm, I don't sweat very well and can't shower as my skin is so sensitive. Every night and sometimes during the day, my skin gets a burning sensation, normally at base of spin or top of legs, then itches like mad. The sensation is like someone hitting me with stinging nettles.

I have Fibre and Lupus so tired most of the time, now I feel like a zombie as it takes around 3 hours for this itching to calm down, after I've taken painkillers.

Does anyone else get this and if so, what do you take?

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  • Have you tried either menthol in aqueous cream or crotamiton cream (brand name Eurax) ? The menthol mix has a cooling effect. Eurax is specifically for itching.

  • yes, I have this cream from a recent meeting with a Dermatologist but it does not stop the itching.

  • Not so good. :/ Antihistamines?

  • Already taking them and they are not working

  • I have nodular prurigo and vasculitis, NP rash is murder, with great big nodules that itch from inside. I would have 3 or more hours itching every night. I take 2 Piriton (prescribed) every night and use Dermol 500 instead of soap. Also use Doublebase Gel. Both available of prescription, but can be bought OTC. My dermatologist prescribed various steroid creams, but some made the itching worse, others were OK. I think the steroids, MTX and Leflunomide are doing the trick though.

  • I will speak to my GP, I am using Aveeno oil and cream, Dermacool lotion and Balieum but nothing stops it.

  • Tried Aveeno and Balneum cream, but not the Dermacool. Does your rheumy know about the itching?

  • yes, but the first rheumy said it is a fibro sympton and therefore not int and the second does not take any notice of it. I saw the dermatologist though. My GP insists it is not a Lupus sympton at all but lots of Lupus people get it and I had many responses from the Lupus Trust agreeing.

  • I get this mainly in the evenings and would be interested if anyone has any ideas how to calm it down. I get it on my lower legs, feet, forearms and hands. Ive tried cold flannels but this dries my skin out and I cant bear anything on my skin when it is like this. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • yes, me too, mainly in the evenings! x

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